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Master Volume Assign??


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Hey guys, real quick question? I’m wondering if there is a possibility, that on the pod HD 500 X, can I assign the master volume to control the volume on the quarter inch outs only? I run the XLR‘s directly to the front of house mixer, and I run The 1/4 monitor outs to 2 Headrush 108 wedges for my monitors live. I want to be able to use the master volume to work as my personal volume knob and not affect the front of house mix at all. Is this possible?

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The POD Master Volume physical knob control affects all the POD outputs except the FX LOOP SEND and the digital signal going through the USB and S/PIDF.


I guess that by connecting digitally the POD to an AI with S/PDIF (possibly small and standalone, basically working just as a D/A converter) and connecting the AI analog outputs to the FOH could be a way to have the POD master volume affecting only the level of your directly connected monitors.



All about POD HD500/X

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