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KWB Overdrive -- Isn't It Great?


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Ok, by now I'd think of myself as a rather experienced Helix user (well, at least kinda), but this guy *completely* slipped my attention so far. And I really mean completely.

Yeah sure, I went through all the drives but down the list they have a tendency to get less interesting for me (even if I love fuzzes, just not the Helix ones, at least not too much).

But now I expored this fella for around an hour or so nonstop, slapping it into all kinds of patches - and what could I possibly say? Thanks a ton for bringing this up, what a fantastic drive!


On a sidenote: Possibly goes to show how the L6s default values for quite some blocks aren't chosen too well (all you need to do to prove this is to chose any of the delays - which IMO are all *way* too loud for common use situations). I just compared the KWB settings I came up with to the default settings and it's a difference like night and day. From thick and juicy all the way to thin and absolutely unimpressive (at least IMO). Now, I'm using the Helix with the input pad on, and I do think the factory patches and defaults were made with it off, but out of interest I just switched it off and the KWB sounded even worse at its defaults.


Anyway, thanks again for the heads up, this will find plenty of use and may even replace my current favourites (usually Teemah, Heir Apparent and Top Secret OD, plus some Dhyana here and there) in quite some patches.

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