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How do I turn off all touch selection in 2.9.1?


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In 2.7 > in Global Settings > Footswitches - the first selection was Touch Select. The user had the option to turn it on or off.  

 It seems that in 2.9.1, that became Stomp Select with  - Off, Touch, Press and Touch & Press.  I turned it to Off.  I am still getting messages asking if I want to swap snapshots.

I want to turn off ALL touch select in 2.9.1.  Does anyone know how to do that?


Thank You



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  • aholland changed the title to How do I turn off all touch selection in 2.9.1?
17 hours ago, aholland said:

 Does anyone know how to do that?

Well, IIRC, it used to be that you would go to the Global Settings -> Footswitches and then set Touch Select to “Off”.

You are saying this is no longer the case. Mmm... If that has changed, I’m not aware of it and I’m not near my Helix at the moment so I’m unable to verify that.


Most odd.

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6 hours ago, aholland said:

Thank you for the info. 

So how does one report a bug to Line 6? 


Be safe and thanks 



Hi Adam,


It may be best to open a ticket with Line 6 Support, at least that way they will have been made aware of an issue. They can investigate if this is a problem with software or hardware.


There is the “Sticky Thread” for bug reports at the top of this page, but there is no guarantee that anyone from Line 6 will see or read it. It mainly an area where users can post things they have found that could be confirmed by fellow users before raising a ticket with CS.

Good luck and stay safe.




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