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New SR250 Owner with a Couple Questions...


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Hey everyone. A few months ago I picked up a SR250 second hand. While I'm loving it, I have a couple questions.


1. To power on the Variax controls, I have to press the Variax knob on the guitar quite hard. I've played other Variax guitars before and I don't ever remember having to press this hard. Sometime I have to press and hold for quite a while. If it doesnt turn on, I have to release and try again. Could there be something wrong with knob?


2. I did my first string change on it. I think were D'Addario 10-46s (thats what comes stock, right?). I swapped them out for Silnky 10-46s. After swapping, I noticed my tracking, particularly above the 10th fret, sounds pretty bad. I don't really have a great way of describing it other than it sounds quite metallic, "warbly", and just a bit like a low bit rate MP3. It's especially bad with distortion. The guitar is tuned to E standard but I mostly play in D standard or D standard with drop C.


3. Since I mostly play in D standard, I was thinking of switching to 11-52 strings. Would heavier string help tracking at all? If I do want to play in E standard, does the Variax handle transposing up pretty well?


Any thoughts on those issues?

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1) "Could there be something wrong with knob? "--- Possible. There is a knob fix. If it's loose underneath,

it will have to come to me for servicing, log a support ticket for that.


2) Slinky tension has never really made for good contact tension on the piezos, and go out of tune too easily.


3) 11-46 (or 48) is okay, 50 is about the limit, I would wave you off of 52's on Variax in General. Always have the 

set-up checked and adjusted a couple days after a string gauge change, as the tension will change and alter

the set-up.


Set-ups on a Variax has to be spot-on to avoid frequency artifacts.


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