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Anybody upgraded from AMPLIFi FX100 to Firehawk? Did they solve any Bluetooth connection issues?


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Sick of my AMPLIFi FX100 losing Bluetooth connection and thinking of upgrading to a Firehawk but wondering whether they still have the same connection issues as the FX100 line or whether things are more stable? 


I just want to be able to turn it on and have it connect and sync up to my device instantly without always failing to connect or getting stuck ‘downloading presets from device’ or ‘syncing’ or ‘no device connected’ etc.....


Is the Firehawk that much better than the FX100? I would be considering a Helix instead but iOS control is really important to me and the Helix doesn’t have that. 

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Maybe your phone has an issue with its BT. BT only goes so far so make sure you aren’t very far away. The BT antenna is in the little box on the rear of the FX and when on the floor is not the best place for connecting to.


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Don't forget to DISable the battery management for the App on your phone/tablet and set it to "Not optimize " for the APP

Sometimes you think it's the BT but it's the app !

On android you can find that on "Settings">Battery>Battery optimise> look at the app , press and Hold and select "not optimise"

Also disable the battery saving mode too

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