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Warning about the Line 6 Variax Cabled Power Kit

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I really like being able to use the Variax without batteries and this kit is perfect for that but there is some risk with it.


One night I inadvertently plugged the TRS cable for the Variax into my Acoustic/Electric guitar and it fried the electronics.


It doesn't have a way to sense if it's plugged into the Variax before it pulses the voltage.


If you get this kit be cautious to not plug it into anything but the Variax.

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Agreed nbaird. The variax TRS prevents inadvertent insertion into non-compatible jacks much the same way a 120V outlet and a fork don't.


It will take some thought to unwind that Adamsian twisted logic. 


If that was too obscure (I'm known for that) Google "much the way bricks don't"

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