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transporting face up?


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On 10/14/2020 at 5:32 AM, PierM said:

If you cant transport in stand position, always speaker face down. This is the less stressful position for the speaker and everything attached to it. 


I don't think I buy that...  Sounds like a myth to me...

Physics wise, the speaker cone is mounted around the basket on the edges and suspended by the magnet in the middle.  Placing it up or down would hypothetically result in identical strain on the basket edges and pull from the magnet, just in different directions.  I.e. Gravity isn't going to pull on it harder whether it's upside or downside.  It WOULD behave differently than a standing position as it would be pulled horizontal to the speaker plane.  But realistically the forces and weight of the cone during transport is negligible compared to the strain it experiences when being played.  It could hypothetically be even better on it's front/back since any bumps in the road would simulate the speaker moving in/out rather than up/down.

Same with the things attached.  They're suspended either end, and gravity will simply determine which way they're pulled.  However, they could be mounted in a way that the wire (or whatever) is experiencing compressive vs tensile forces (gravity pulls it into the mount, vs pulls it out of the mount).

To add, depending on how things are mounted to the basket, laying face down might be better for it, as the components my have a place to sit on rather than be suspended by their joints. 


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