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HX Stomp 4cm and IR or Cabsim


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Hallo, i have the following problem on which i didnt find any answer online yet. I run my HX Stomp with the 4cm into my Laney irt sls. The irt sls doesnt need a load box and has a DI out. Is it possible to use the 4cm for the effects before or in the fx loop AND having an ir after the amp into the pa? Thank you in advance for every answer. Cheers Feidias

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I'm replacing my previous reply with a better explanation and sample preset.


You'll be using a TRS to dual mono 1/4" (INSERT) cable from the SEND. TIP and RING connectors should be labeled. If not, RED is usually RING.

Use FX Loop L (TIP connector of the INSERT Cable) for your regular 4cm setup.


Take the Laney DI out to the RIGHT Return of the Stomp.

Put a Return Block R at the end of the signal chain, pull it down to create a Path B.

Pull down the Mixer Block to create a 3/4 Out.

Change  the SPLIT Block to SPLIT A/B and PAN it hard LEFT.

Add your IR on Path B, then use the RING connector to send the signal to FOH. It won't be a Balanced Out, so you'll probably want to get a DI box for it.


Attached is a sample preset to demo the above.

Let me know how it works out.





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