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Factory Presets


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Went back to them a few days ago, maybe the first dozen ones.  The thing is that, IMHO, the cabs really take over the sound.  So 90% of what I'm hearing with the default patches are "Ah that's a 4x12 Marshall, that's a 4x12 Mesa, etc.", and there's really not so many sort of 'incredible' tones; they're kinda generic/bland;  Anyway, I didn't find much super inspiring or amazing sounding patches there, but that also depends on your guitar, play style, etc.


Rewatching this;    There seems to be a couple of patches which seem interesting (5D, 7B, 9B, 18A), so I think that going through the presets, and copying the presets which seem to have potential to your user preset and then tweaking them might have more value than trying to use presets as they are.


Or... Maybe just using IRs instead of the stock cabs which all too often seem to take over the entire patch sound...  I really wish the stock patches were 'better'... I don't know, guess it's hard to setup good patches...  Other L6 devices seem to have too many 'silly' unusable patches, this has more usable patches, but doesn't really seem to highlight the incredible capabilities of the PGO...  Maybe it's not super realistic, but would have been awesome if you went patch by patch and went: "wow!  That's awesome!  How did they do that?!"   That happened once for me, with the space patch lol   


Maybe the PGO's presets could have been a highlight of the different distortions and effects; like with snapshots; 4 snapshots to highlight the sound of a distortion pedal, with an amp, with a reverb, etc., so you could go preset 1, snapshot 1, then go: "oh I didn't know that reverb could do that!  Oh!  That's how this distortion should be used!  Etc.!"

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I'm very new to the Pod Go. I really like factory preset 27D "Breaker Of Hearts." Sure, I tweaked it a little but for me it was "this is how I want a Marshall to sound!"  There's that underlying crunch and that crisp (not fizzy) top end. I copied it over into the user presets, tweaked it a little and I love it! Just before I got my Pod I learned "My Way, Soon" by Great Van Fleet and that sound works very well for that song in my humble opinion.


I've found out there's a lot to learn even if you don't like some of the factory presets. I was going through some last night and it was like "why are they using two compressors on this one?" Turning them on and if and it was "okay, now I see what this does!" (Been taking notes lately!!)

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On 9/26/2022 at 7:55 AM, DWE2022 said:

Does anyone know if I can download the factory presets for the pod go? I may have tweaked one and runied it! is there any way I can download the origianl preset and put it back in?





I don’t think the individual factory presets are available to download but you can restore them all.  Use Pod Go Edit to back up any presets you want to save before restoring your device to factory settings, as follows….

To prevent this in future, of course, copy the factory preset to your User setlist before editing.

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