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Helix LT: two different amp blocks two different imported ir blocks !


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I would create a preset with two different amp block with two different ir blocks imported. The two amp blocks should be Small tweed and baseman for example , and it impulses imported for Red Wirez. 

I have tried to do using 1024 ir I creat a parallel chain with a second amp block but I cannot choose a second different it block. I can use the same ir.

Is there a way to do what I want?

Excuse me for my language 



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Hello guys. Problem solved.

Cause mistake I have loaded impulse at. 96khz from Red Wirez, so DSP  conversion capability to 48khz was probably too low. So I have loaded an original 48khz impulse as 1024 and by this way I was able to load 2 impulse at 2048 or 4 at 1024.

Thanks all of you.

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