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I have two Variax JTV-69s, early 2010s, both out of warranty.

Variax#1: The Virtual Capo "wheel" stopped working for "model" and "normal" settings. Works for all others.

Variax#2: The 5 position switch started intermittently working, then not when using standard pickups in humbucker position. Just this week, the 4th and 5th positions stopped working altogether when modeling is engaged. I suspect it's a bad switch. Tried using contact cleaner to no avail.


Line 6 directed me to full compass for parts a while back. Both parts were on back order til end of January. Reached out and found out today these parts are now discontinued.

Does anyone have these parts for sale from a harvested or broken JTV-69? From what I can tell, it looks like a snap together repair, or quick soldering at worst. I've repaired my own guitars for years and I'm very tech savvy. I need my guitars for live and studio, so I'm willing to try my hand at it first before relinquishing my guitars to a repair center that's well over an hour away for an indefinite period of time, plus the expense.






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Alt Tune thumb wheel, maybe loose hardware. All the controls on the pick-guard need to snug to the pick-guard,

a the foil under the pick-guard is tied to the chassis ground. Any loose controls can cause intermittent contacts.


Same goes for the 5-Way switch. With that, there is also solder points that are probably oxidized by now after this

many years that are also causing intermittent contacts.


Guitars that old will probably need the equivalent of a 50,000 mile check-up under the hood.


Log a Support ticket, and see about getting them sent to me here at Line 6 for evaluations and/or repairs. We typically

have a 7-day (or less) turn around time, typically.



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While some of us are budgeting for the future, would you be able to tell us about how many hours of billable work go into an out-of-warranty 50,000-mile check-up, if the inspection includes replacing any one of the electronic parts?

And while I know you guys can't see the future (or, at least, won't share it with us ;), I think the answer to this next question might shine light on the other "10-year lifespan" thread: Do you still perform out-of-warranty parts replacements for Gen1 Variax mainboards?


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