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New "issue"

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Anyone experience a ringing with their DT 50? If I hit a sharp staccato chord, my amp is left ringing. here is no reverb on the amp or on my hd500. I once the ringing (almost feedback) starts, it does not go away even when I turn my guitar volume down. I can even turn down the master volume on the amp and the ringing/feedback volume reduces in sync with the turning of the volume control. when I turn the volume back up, the ringing/feedback grows louder. I change patches the ringing stops until I hit a sharp staccato chord and it starts all over again. 



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I'd try doing the 'pencil' test on your tubes.. You lightly tap the tube with a pencil or your fingernail.. If you hear all kinds of funky noises, you know you have a bad tube. You should hear a slight pinging of the glass and a tapping sound consistent with the pencil tapping the tubes through your connected cab.

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