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Variax Standard won't turn on


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Hi all

I'm suddenly facing an issue with the Variax Standard. I've plugged it in via standard input jack. I don't have a POD so I can't test the VDI USB interface. 
What happened was after charging the battery, I inserted it, and it shows 4 LED indicating full charge. But the moment I plugged in a standard jack, and try to turn on the modelling mode,

it doesn't light up. Modelling modes doesn't work.  The normal Single Coils works. 

Here's a video of the problem.


Anyone here knows what is the problem? 
Many thanks!

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Use a guitar cable with TRS (tip, ring, sleeve) plugs and not a TS plug.

This is an active circuit guitar. Tip = Signal, Ring = +Vdc from battery, Sleeve = ground return.


The pick-up film can sometimes interfere with the Model switch.


If those do not fix it, then it may be the battery box control circuit itself, LED's showing good battery,

but sending a false low signal to the main processor board.


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Looking for a solution, as stated by kcchan.

My Variax Std suddenly stopped. Charged batt now doesn't connect to the modelling.

Never need TRS before, everything else upto date, computer (workbench HD) doesn't even recognise.


If it is battery box control - what do we/I do? no piont saying this or that with a possible solution, unless saying your hardware is naff and don't wont to admit it


Useful help please

Thank you.



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On 3/6/2023 at 7:57 AM, FeralCat said:


I posted my problem here because those is the thread that came up on the search. I didn't think about the fact it's a Variax Standard, and mine is a JTV-89F. So should I delete this a make a post in the James Tyler section?


Yes, start a new thread in the JTV section. Don’t refer to this thread. Just state the problem and ask your questions.

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