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Internal Battery


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8 hours ago, titchyblackcat said:

Does the HD bean have an internal battery that can be changed ?


No battery into the POD..


if the problem is that when you turn the POD back on you can't find anymore the presets you imported or created by using the editor, this is probably due to the fact that before closing the editor you didn't use the SEND command to send the new presets permanently into the POD.



All about POD HD500/X

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I can't speak for the Bean. But I did ask this same question about the 500. 

No battery in the 500. 



However, I will at least point out, you are absolutely correct in your way of thinking. 

In many devices, when settings don't save, it is because the internal battery has died. Newer devices, however, are using a different kind of memory storage which doesn't need batteries. 

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On 6/27/2021 at 7:26 PM, pianoguyy said:

*but are we sure the bean is the same as the 500 by not having a battery?


Searching, I find that the original Pod and Pod 2 did have a battery, and a test mode to check it, but the HD bean does not. L6 seem to have moved to Flash memory in the HD series.


I don't have an HD bean so this is just me inferring from other info.


@titchyblackcat are you definitely sending the presets the way @hurghanico described? Sorry to ask, but wanted to eliminate that aspect.

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