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PODGO with speaker (?) for band


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Hi everyone, here's a question that get asked probably a lot. Sorry.


Basically i've been using the pod go with headphone in my bedroom for the longest time. That's all I have (I have guitars aswell eh ) I'm trying to join a band  but the place where they rehearse is pretty much an empty room (I've been told there's only a mixing table) I know nothing about equipements, but I suppose a mixing table implies that there are speakers in the room with it ?


Anyway I'm in desperate need to buy equipement fast to be able to play with them. I think that in the future I want to stay with the whole amp modeling technology and probably do not wish to get myself a full amp stack. So what could I buy to be able to play with a band ? I've read of FRFR speaker like the headrush, but from what I've seen it's mixed review: some people swear by it, and for some it's only good to be able to hear yourself ( like to point it towards you). I've also seen the line 6 powercab, but it's a bit expensive..


I've never done any gig, i've never done any research into amp/cab and all that part of guitar playing, as i'm in appartement. I'm very much a noob into it, but I need to buy something fast. All I know is the marshall stack I see on stage lol.


Any recommendation ? a speaker that can make myself heard with a band in a room. I play with a distortion and gain, and usually metal if that helps. I'd like to go no more than 600euros ( 700 dollars) if possible.



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A Headrush FRFR112 (12" speaker) should be perfect for you.  Later, you could even add another FRFR112 if you needed it, or add a FRFR108 (1x8") to use as a monitor if needed.  Lots of options.  The Alto TS308 (8" speaker)  and TS312 (12" speaker) are virtually identical to the Headrush range, but they also do a TS310 which gives an additional 10" speaker option. 


But assuming there is a PA in the room, you can simply go through that and you don't need to panic and buy gear.  Going through the PA is exactly what I do for both rehearsals and gigging; prior to buying my Pod Go and Covid lockdown I used my Vox Tonelab SE straight through the main PA for gigging - no amp, no FRFR speakers of my own - and our second guitarist/vocals used a Vox Tonelab LE straight through the PA.  If I hadn't pointed it out would you have realised we weren't using 'real' guitar amps?:




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I agree with above I practice and gig with mine and every time I just go directly into the mixer WHICH will be connected to a PA system.. All you need is 1/4 inch cable long enough to go to the desk. At home I have a small mixer and monitors which I plug my PodGo amp gathers dust since I got the PodGo

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