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  1. Have to admit as a veteran of MFX I didn't even try the factory presets until recently. Glad I didn't as they're same as most of the other manufacturer factory presets - pretty flat and dull. Have to admit I've had no problems get a nice tone out of the Pod Go. Blank preset, add in an amp, turn the Master UP, Channel Vol around 8, Gain down to around 2.5 initially and that is a good starting point for my setup with most amp models, whether it's through Monitors, the Return on my Katana (obviously cab/ir turned off) or headphones. Tend to tweak the amp eq and usually the presence to taste then it's ready for any pedals. Really enjoying the overdrive fx and chorus effects in particular. Only thing I'm struggling with is getting a decent acoustic tone...that's as much to me using a PRS SE as anything else. Even with the coils split it doesn't sound close to as good as my old Yamaha Pacifica (mind you everything else sounds so much better).
  2. Personally I'm pretty happy with the stock cabs in most instances. Some of the IRs are better but I don't think the stock cabs are a disaster. I guess it all depends on what you expect. This is a step for me in terms of modelling from the much cheaper Boss and Zoom MFX so I'm more than pleased with the quality.
  3. add the idea to ideascale.com then... Line 6 do not look at this forum for ideas.
  4. You've got to be realistic here. I think I said in another thread of a similar nature that I am absolutely certain PodGo will continue to get updates and I'm sure further effects, but they are not going to match the Helix (not least because the Hardware can't) and we're still very early into the release of this product to be expecting anything but patches for bugs etc. at this point (I reckon end of Q1 for next major update). The Helix LT etc. is like double the price of the PodGo and probably worth it if you really want all those goodies... I struggled to justify the price on the PG but so glad I did as it's awesome compared to modellers and similar or lower price points. I'm sure some will buy the PG as a first Line 6 device and decide to upgrade to a Helix others will be quite happy with what they've got.
  5. I suspect the timing of any release of new firmware will be inline with marketing/sales approaches.. every time they do something like this it generates lots of discussion and media interest AND consequently sales. I'm sure they will be working on Pod Go stuff but the release will be dictated a little by how they see sales going and whether these are still rising or have levelled off. Also I don't see a lot of people pumping ideas in ideascale. There was a recent article on Helix 3.0 and they clearly said they take steer and direction on changes from that site. You look at ideascale from a helix perspective and they have 100s of votes for particular changes compared to 10s of votes for Pod Go. That is probably indicative of how many people have it and that many are new to the Line 6 range.
  6. Pod Go is definitely not a Helix and therefore will not get Helix upgrades....but I'd be very very surprised - given Line 6 commitment to its product lines - if Pod Go doesn't receive it's own regular updates. There are certainly a few immediate things I suspect they'll want to do in the first update just to "fix" a few things and make it more viable for gigging (snapshot and multi stomp naming for instance). After that I think you'll see steady occasional updates with additional amp models, new effects, tweaks to existing effects and possibly better ways to utilise stomp switches and disable/remove fixed blocks. You're right this is a lot cheaper than Helix LT etc.. but for many it's still an expensive unit.
  7. I use my Pod Go both through studio monitors using the L/Mono output (sounds excellent using CABS/IR) and into the FX Return of my Boss Katana using the AMPOUT output....this sounds pants unless you disable the CABS/IR but sounds great with them off....I therefore changed the AMP OUT settings in the Global Settings of Pod Go so that the signal get's sent Pre CAB/IR this means I don't have to disable cabs/IR on each present when using the Pod Go with an Amp and can still use the L/Mono if I want to go straight to PA (which is what I'll do most of the time). If you have any delay, reverb, mod FX you would need to make sure they were moved Pre Cab/IR to make sure they were still in the chain for a AMP OUT if using this approach
  8. I saw a couple of responses in the forum where people had asked for enhancements/changes for Pod Go and a couple of people pointed towards Line 6 Ideascale which is where Line 6 seem to actually take their ideas from. So thought I'd create a specific topic signposting people to it>> Register Here - Line 6 Ideascale and log your ideas or vote for those already on there.
  9. @usedbyanr Thanks for the suggestion and I took a look at your thread. I'm using Pod Go Edit on a Surface Pro and therefore using a microSD for additional storage. Your suggestion to remove the SD card did work and now Pod Go Edit 1.11 opens up....unfortunately you have to do this every time to open Pod Go Edit so for now I'll go back to 1.10.
  10. thanks @grdGo33 for taking a listen I agree it's just volume which increases (and gets nasty)... I've done lots of playing this afternoon (including downloading those recommended IRs). Got a very nice tone now. The overdrive and amp settings are really responsive. Compared to my cheap Boss MFX it's like night and day (but probably 4 times as expensive). Will check out those suggestions of yours on Line 6 amps as well. I'm not a metal man purely rock. I do like a nice overdrive though.
  11. Okay so I'm back in the room... and attached you'll see an audio sample with the CAB on and then off for playing Clean first and then with a Timmy enabled. The volume/sound difference carries through on USB as well. I've also attached the patch the only thing I've turned on and off is the CAB block (and of the course the Timmy). Sample_CAB_ONOFF_Audio.mp3 Simple.pgp
  12. @grdGo33No problem I've been playing/recording for a while so pretty clued up on using the interface for recording and using a DAW. Interestingly I haven't checked to see if the "muffle" is also through the headphones. Will be interesting to check. Good suggestion on the looper I hadn't really thought about that as I have a digitech trio which I use when I want a looper. Yes I started to take a look at IR this morning as well. Some really nice ones available for Free and they do sound very good. I'll check your thread out. The "music room" is currently out of bounds as my son is having a lesson. Will be back in shortly. Thanks for the help.
  13. Yes I should have said it's a high gain tone and the clarity is significantly better with the CAB off. Probably sounds a bit too harsh, jangly with a clean signal. I did do quite a lot of messing about with it this morning adjusting the CAB Low and High pass filters and also the BIAS and it's cleaned up a lot. @voxman55 I'll export a copy of the "unaltered" patch and see if it sounds the same for you. Thanks guys for the initial feedback. Really really love the overall tone I'm getting from the Pod....paired with my also new PRS SE Custom it sounds so sweet.
  14. So just as an update...I thought I'd try Pod Go Edit 1.10 and this installs and opens without any problems. I'll stick with that for now!
  15. So I only got the Pod Go on Friday but been having fun with it so far. Very easy to dial things in (I've got a bit of experience using MFX) but came across an interesting issue the other day and wondered if anyone could explain it. Most of my patches sound great but I notice the other day that on basic with nothing else on that I'd accidentally turned the CAB off, so thought okay it should obviously be turned on. Turned it on and oh my the sound became extremely muffled...turned it off and very crisp and clear. As I said my other patches are fine but this one seems odd...I've got quite a lot of gain on it (around the 6 mark) as that's what I want. I did try adjusting the Low and High pass filter on the CAB as seen other comments that that can cause the issue. Tried different CABs and different mics/positions but can't get the same clarity that I get without the CAB on. Any others come across this? It's going out to monitors and I've got it connected correctly in the Left Mono output.
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