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Headphones for Helix Native


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I know the Helix hardware works best with high impedance headphones but what about when using helix native with interfaces? I have a Scarlett 6i6 2nd gen but I don’t like how it sounds with my Akg k240 ( at 55ohm bossting the volume sounds bad) and audio technica ath 20mx ( at 47ohm sounds bad at any volume) headphones.  With any plugin I have this issue but not when listening to music or midi plugins. Do I need a lower impedance for the Scarlett? Im thinking about some Akg k361s ( 32ohms) 

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I also have the Sony MDR-V6 which are 32 ohm IIRC, and similar to the 7506. Those sound harsh to me. They're also closed back vs the AKG being open back, which I prefer.

If you do a search on here for headphones, there's a number of lengthy discussions. Also over on TGP in the D&M forum. You could probably save yourself a lot of time and get a much wider range of opinions by checking those out.

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On 10/14/2021 at 11:57 PM, willyjacksonjs22 said:

How do u find the Sony compare to the Akg?

A bit bright. They work well, and many like the sound, but I've moved to the NAD HP50 for music as it's a bit more neutral IMO. I used the Sony as an example because I don't think it's about impedance in this range; they should all work fine if you like their sound.


I DO like the Sony for forensic audio; the hyped response really brings out noise if you're trying to clean up tracks. I use them for dialogue work.


I need sealed cans for isolation, which is why I chose these models. If you don't need that, there are lots of other great options - your AKGs, a bunch of Sennheisers, Beyers, etc.

Any way to borrow some other cans to see how they work with your interface?

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On 10/14/2021 at 11:56 PM, willyjacksonjs22 said:

They sound harsh to me when raising the volume any tips? My Studio monitors sound great. Well except at low volumes 


The only cure for headphones that you don't like, is a new pair. I didn't particularly care for how the 240's sounded with Helix either, and I had used them for years prior... they sounded kinda "brittle", for lack of a better term.


I gambled on a pair of AKG K701's, which I much prefer, though I doubt impedance has anything to do with it.  The 701's are rated at 62 ohms vs 55 for the 240's, which is hardly a difference worth talking about. The 701's are fully open-back, though (the 240's are only semi-open) and have larger diameter cushions... so unless you're Dumbo, your ears should fit entirely inside,  which I find much more comfortable (especially when wearing for long periods) than the 240's, which sit on your ears as opposed to around them.


Ultimately,  as with any other output method, any pair of cans you buy will add color to a greater or lesser degree, no matter how flat or transparent the brochure claims they are. It's always a gamble... buy from someplace that has a decent return policy so you don't get stuck with something else you don't like.

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