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Help please


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I have a problem with my helix floor since many years but now that I’m back on the stage the problem is worse.


When I switch snapshot while my strings are ringing there is a huge  pop sound. The problem happens when there is no/amp to amp or amp A to amp B.


I guess I did something wrong in my snapshot config. 

Many thanks

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Does this happen with all snapshots in all presets, or is it limited to certain specific situations? If it only happens sometimes I expect it’s a by-product of the digital modeling behaving exactly as the real-life analog equipment would behave if dramatic changes in snapshot parameters could be made to happen instantaneously in real life.

The most likely reason is a change in amp models, say from a  lo-gain to a hi-gain amp. It can even happen within the same amp model if parameters such as Gain or Master Volume are changed dramatically. Imagine that you could instantly swap your guitar cable so that you disconnect from a real Fender amp with clean settings to a real very hi-gain amp with the Drive set to max, while the guitar is sustaining.This can be done in real life using an A/B splitter on your guitar input cable. I expect a similar popping sound would be heard.


Similarly, these audible pops and warbles happen when time-based or gain-based parameters in FX blocks change dramatically from snapshot to snapshot. For instance, changing the delay time instantly by a large amount can cause audible warbling. This will happen on a real life delay pedal if you rapidly rotate the Time knob while the guitar is sustaining. Consequently, accurate modeling will produce this same warbling when switching snapshots with a similar change in the Time parameter.


Many other examples exist, and a combination of these changes simultaneously in a single snapshot switch can easily result in the symptom you describe. It’s not a bug, and there is no fix because Helix is doing what it is supposed to do - model real life behaviour. I suggest you review your snapshot changes and reduce the drama.

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Thanks for the answer.


I have almost nothing in my chain. Brit plexi brt, ir and reverb. ir is swapping when I swap snapshot cause I’m using piezzo on my guitar with the plexi bypassed. If I let my strings ring when hitting my rock snapshot, I hear a dramatic loud  clean chord before the distorsion of the plexi kicks in.

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