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Helix gurus - how would you approximate this amazing tone on the helix?


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Hi All


Long time lurker / first time poster.  This is a bit of an oddball question.  I’ve been using HX Stomp into a powercab+ and with 4CM for a while and after a lot of tweaking and trial and error have been quite happy with the tones I get (cleanish to overdriven blues rock tone).  I recently saw this totally random commercial on TV, and lo and behold this is the magical guitar tone I’ve had in my head for years - https://youtu.be/sI58NA-sU44.  So now of course I’m back in a rabbit hole trying to figure out how to create this on my rig.  I did a bit of research, and I think this is the guitarist - https://www.bandmix.com/robb-benham/ who is playing [shout out to Rob if you’re listening, you’re the man. ]. He describes his gear a bit on his bandmix page - 1990 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty, a 1994 Gibson EDS-1275 Doubleneck, a 2005 Gibson ES-135, and a 2005 Gibson Firebird Studio. His main amp is a Rivera Knucklehead 55 head going through a Rivera 4x12 cab loaded with Weber Bluedogs and Celestion V30's in a "x" pattern.  But he also plays metal etc and it’s unclear what rig he used for this recording (I’m guessing he’s probably playing the ES-135?).


So my question to the golden-eared helix wizards on this forum is, where would you start in terms of amps, cabs, effects, IR / PC+ speaker, etc in helix to get close to this?  FWIW I have an SG with PAFs, and a 335 (also PAFS) so I’m mainly looking for what to do on the helix end.


And yes I know I can “use my ears” and “just do what sounds best to me”, and the “key to the tone is in fingers “etc etc.  But just wondering if anyone had suggestions for how they would set up a patch in helix to get close to this.   Thanks for reading this far and appreciate any guidance :).

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Yeah I totally agree it sounds like that’s where it’s headed right at the end.  But my question is more about the tone, which isn’t quite the same (I’m a big Zeppelin fan but actually not a huge fan of Page’s tone in heartbreaker).  And more importantly how to replicate it on the helix.

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