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Multiple Switch Assignments


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First of all, English is not my first language. Sorry for all the mistakes to happen.


I'm happy with my purchase, so this is not a rant. But there's one feature I miss a lot and that is the possibility to assign the same function on multiple switches. For instance: On a given preset (view mode) I'm able to make the amp clean, distorted, raise the level +6db and add a delay effect. This is 3 switches in total:



Level on/off

Delay on/off

Pedal Wah on/off


There are 3 switches left unassigned. What I want to be able to is assign the empty switches to the same functions. For instance the delay effect. One footswitch turns it on, another footswitch turns it on, raises the level and turns on the wah, the next footswitch just raises the level, the pedal still can turn on the wah. This would look like this:



Level on/off

Solo 1 (Level, Delay) on/off

Solo 2 (Level, Delay, Wah) on/off

Delay on/off

Pedal Wah on/off


These are 6 situations that exceed the 4 possible Snapshots. Yes, there is a work around. One can be in view mode (set like the first setup), switch to snapshot-mode (giving 3 more sounds) and go back to view mode. In live situations there'd be more convenience if I could use multiple assignment like shown with the second setup. I'm not sure if there are technical issues with my suggestions. If not, I'd be more than happy to make it easier for me on stage over multiple assignments. 


Let me know what you all think about this. Do you constantly switch modes for different purposes? Would multiple assignments make things easier for you? Do you need it anyways?


Best regards and be nice :)

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Hard to understand your post.  Would have been easier with notation


Switch 1 =  xyz

Switch 2 = xyz2



The way I see it, sure, the Go is limited, but what you're trying to do seems unreasonable.  You can setup 4 snapshots, so you can theoretically setup 4 'sounds';  a sound for the verse, chorus, solo and maybe bridge or intro or whatever.  That seems pretty reasonable...


If you want more,  you could probably bind the expression pedal to ex; delay length, % of chorus, drive, etc., which could likely give you an extra way to configure your sound per snapshot.  Think that should work.


But also, you can assign multiple functions to 1 switch


1st switch:   6/10 drive + reverb 50%

2nd switch:  7/10 drive + reverb 30% + chorus on with 50%

3rd switch:  3/10 drive + reverb off + chorus on with 70%

4th switch:  reverb on +  reverb 60% + chorus 50%


So you can press 2nd then 4th and it just applies the binded values, giving you multiple ways of managing effects; like turning on/off and adjusting values without resetting everything 'per view' as per snapshots.   Pressing 1 then 3 would give very different results than pressing 1 then 2 then 4 then 3.     But then ........  I guess if you workout a system where that works better than snapshots.......  But yeah seems like it would just be confusing and just things much more complicated than they should be, for maybe not a whole lot of practical gains. 


KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid.

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Also, with the multi function described above, more realistically; you could have ex;


S1 = overdrive/clean

S2 = chorus on /off + low settings

S3 = reverb on/off  + low settings

S4 = delay on/off  + low settings

S5 = high settings for chorus + reverb + delay settings (doesn't on/off, just changes parameters)

S6 = wah or boost or whatever


That way, you could say hit S1, heavy drive, press S4 to engage delay, then hit S5 to boost it.  Then hit S3 to engage reverb with low settings and hit S4 to disable delay, then later S5 to boost the reverb, etc.   Then hit S3 twice to reset the reverb to low reverb settings.


You could probably do some neat stuff using similar techniques.  But then again, KISS is very likely the way to go.  You should question the necessity of going with a more complex setup like this...   But yeah, doesn't seem that bad, seems like it would be usable and useful!


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No front. I asked for something specific to make everything easier and not more complicated. I know about all the possibilities - which I wanted to avoid. With the Helix, I got exactly that. 

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On 6/6/2022 at 9:02 AM, Scheol said:

Thank you for the lesson.

No front.  ...  With the Helix, I got exactly that. 


I was referring to someone taking the time to try to help you out and you replying with "Since there was no helpful comment" .  Guess I could have took it as a cultural or language thing rather than a character thing, but many people just plain suck:  Self-entitled, rude, selfish, etc.  With time, you exclude these people from your life, and the people that remain can skew your vision of humanity.  Being reminded that trying to help out a stranger is an idiotic concept and a total waste of time is a very valuable life lesson.  People suck.  Thanks again for reminding me.

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On 6/6/2022 at 10:04 AM, grdGo33 said:


....  Being reminded that trying to help out a stranger is an idiotic concept and a total waste of time is a very valuable life lesson.  People suck.  Thanks again for reminding me.

I don't think it's idiotic. And only some people suck. Don't take it personally; they suck with everyone, not just us. The majority are quite appreciative, and that's worth the effort imho.

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On 6/5/2022 at 5:04 PM, Scheol said:

Since there was no helpful comment, I solved the issue by buying a Helix.


Regardless of comments above and regardless of language issues (which I do not accept!), a simple 'thank you' for the effort made by @grdGo33would have been the right thing to say when someone has gone out of their way to try to help you.  Good manners are not language specific.  Nuff said. 


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I see why you are offended so sorry for the hard language. On my side: I'm pretty frustrated. I specifically mentioned that "work-arounds" exist, but I'm not looking for those. Next I got a detailed manual for the exact thing I didn't ask for. 


On 5/8/2022 at 2:02 AM, Scheol said:

Yes, there is a work around.


On 6/6/2022 at 6:33 PM, voxman55 said:

regardless of language issues (which I do not accept!)

Yes, my English isn't perfect. Still it was clear what I tried to say. Let me ask you how many languages you are fluently speaking with no issues at all?


In the end, the whole story was built like this:


Me: Hey, anyone knows a light food which is healthy? Besides, I don't like apples.

Reply: Try apples

Me: *sigh*


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