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How can I build a good sound with a HX-Stomp and a NS-CR5 electrical violin.


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Hi, I play the violin for many years now, acoustic. Recently I bought myself a NS-CR5 electrical violin. And a Line 6 HX Stomp. For what I read on the internet, the Helix-series is great for violinists too. But unlike many guitarplayers, als a violinist I'm not educated in using an effect processor. Are there any violiniste out there with tips to make a good start building a great sound on my violin? What path can/should I follow? Thanks!

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You need to learn to create great presets tweaked for your violin and amplification. One good/fast way to do that is to buy some presets from someone doing what you do, and then studying how the presets are built so you can use them as a model. Check out this guy. He plays guitar and electric violin, and his presets are top notch. He has a small selection of them exclusively for violin:



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I play violin.  Don't know about your electric violin, but for my Fishman pickup on an acoustic, my tricks are:


1. EQ to take off all the highs

2. wah

3. compressor

4. Octave down/harmonizer

5. Fender-type amp

6. Delay


The main thing for me has always been the shrillness of sound.  Once I tamed it with the EQ, it works like a guitar, same effects work for it... Distortion made my acoustic violin squeal though, so I used it sparingly. 

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There are some presets on Line6 CustomTone for violin HERE

Some of the presets are for guitar to emulate violin


some are specifically for violin.


As a side note you might want to watch some YouTube instructional videos by Jason Sadites 


to help you understand the best ways to set up/operate the Helix (Stomp) albeit they are for guitar.


Hope this helps you learn how to set up presets for your CR-5.

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