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New to HX Effects


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I've used line 6 stuff for a while... From my AX2-212 to my JTV-59 Variax.   I have the M9 and M5 pedals and found them fairly easy to program/set up for live performance.


I just bought an HX Effects... looks very promising, and the biggest thing is HX Edit to edit and store the patches.   Working in IT for 50 years, I never thought I would get a pedal that would rival some of the software I've worked with.  I guess with all that power, it is necessary.


Basically, I want to set up different pedal boards; each with 6 presets.   I don't see how to do that.   Snapshot?   I'll get it, but this 68 year old is struggling with it.   Is there an HX Effects for dummies?  ;-)

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Download and read the latest manual (Rev C). With your background in IT your biggest problem will be that the authors have a sense of humor.


In brief, a snapshot is a preset within a preset. It remembers the bypass status of the effects that are assigned to the switches by default, and pretty much any parameter can be assigned to Snapshot Control, which is NOT the default. Once assigned, when you SAVE the Snapshot (by SAVING the PRESET), the parameters will reset to the values saved in any given Snapshot. There are behavioral modifiers in Global Settings, so RTM to understand these.


Unfortunately, there are only 4 Snapshots available per Preset (vs 8 in the LT/Floor/Rack and 6 in the HXStompXL).


However, each FS can be assigned to control up to 64 parameters. So, when you turn on/off an effect you can also change the parameters of other fx without using a Snapshot. For instance, when you engage a Distortion you might want to lower the overall Output Level so you'd assign that parameter to the same FS and set MIN/MAX (Distortion ON/OFF) levels for it. You can only assign one control method to any given parameter. So, either FS or SS, but not both.


AS I'm sure your experience in IT has taught you (my background also), the more powerful a SW or device is, the more complicated it's use becomes.


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I use my HXFX exactly as you describe.  For 95% of my playing I’m in one of the 3-5 presets that I’ve created as virtual pedalboards, using the HX in stomp mode and punching effects in and out as needed. I use snapshots very little, because each of those few pedalboards is used for many songs and I wouldn’t know what snapshots to create usefully.  So, I’m always is Stomp Mode while playing, and, when necessary, go into Preset Mode between songs just long enough to switch to a new “pedalboard”, then immediately back to stomp mode.  It’s very simple and works for me.


There are a few songs where I’ve needed to create song-specific presets, but very few and I try to avoid that when I can.

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On 10/25/2022 at 11:06 AM, Ludie said:

I finally figured it out... with no help from the manual. 


Don't disregard the manual. There are a lot of things this unit will do that you might not stumble on without reading through it... or reading through sections of it. 


Even though the Helix dominates You Tube, there are still plenty of HX Effects tutorials to be found. Keep in mind that many of the Helix or HX Stomp videos are interchangeable with the HX Effects other than the amp models and some of the programmability. Once you know you way around the HX Effects there are a lot of tricks to be learned from the videos on those other models. 


An then there is the Line 6 videos.... listed in a small section on this page.


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