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Dual Cab into DAW Question


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I love the idea of the new dual cab. Typically when I record terrestrial guitar amplifies, I place ribbon center cap, and then a 57 about 2" to the right of the center cap on the cone. Each gets its own track in the DA and creates a real "amp in the room" feeling. I treat both tracks as a single, meaning, I don't pan them separately, they work together as a pair and offset harsh frequencies normally found by just using a 57 on center.


With that said, my understanding is that I can do the same with the new Dual Cab. I'm assuming that I can put a 57 off-center cap, and a ribbon on center, from there I'm not sure what the signal path should be into the DAW. In the HX Edit properties, Should I pan the 57 hard left, and the Ribbon hard right and run each to its own mono track in the DAW? Keep in mind I use USB to connect to the DAW and HX as the interface. 


My question is this the correct setup, or should I be using 1/4 outs to my Apollo Twin X? Is the HX smart enough to only send the 57 signal to wherever I pan it, and likewise with the Ribbon?


I've tried with USB, not with 1/4 outs and I think USB is doing some summing because I didn't get the effect I desired. Both mono tracks in the daw sounded identical. 


Any help would be appreciated. 

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Every DAW I use allows you to record a Stereo Input to a single stereo track.

USB 1/2 as Input is 1 = Helix LEFT; 2 = Helix RIGHT.

If your Output Block is centered and your cab's speakers are panned hard left/right, that's where the signal goes.


I setup a test preset with a Double Nrm (defaults, Channel Vol at 9.5) and Grammatico 1x12 spkrs, the dual cab panned hard L/R, using a 57 off center and a 4038 on center, both at 1" back.


To get an even average signal from both on a stereo track in Reaper using Inputs 1/2 I had to cut the 57's level by 5db and boost the 4038's level by 6db.

This resulted in an average peak input level of -18db which is optimal for recording - leaves lots of headroom for mixing.

As expected, the 57 (left) peaked slightly higher on the trebly sounds and the 4038 peaked slightly higher on bassy sounds.


I'm not sure if this helps you, as I'm not clear on what you're listening for and I don't have your ears, but it seems to demonstrate that there's no summing going on when the cabs are panned, and that there's a true stereo signal hitting the track.


Here's the preset if you want to test it.


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I use Reaper, too.

To get the same result as your real world recording, I'd pan the mics - as you suggested - and record a stereo output to two mono tracks - recording left (input 1) to one and right (input 2) to the other.

Your recording will be 'up the middle' mono, which you can then process as you did previously.

I've done this many times via the XLR outputs, but I don't see any reason why it couldn't be done via USB.

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Everything above is correct. However, it is super easy to accidentlly add a mono effect/block post the dual cabs that will sum the parts. I have done this numerous times and it drove me mad trying to debug it. Check every block, and then check again.

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