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Power Cord for Pod Go


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The power cord for the Pod Go is not really road worthy - as well, I like to have both a back up cord:  a cord I leave at my studio at home as well as one in my Gig back.  Besides being back ordered, they are also very expensive.  Does any have suggestions on options other then buying a direct replacement (which can't be done right now)?  Also, the DC-3h unit is 9V 3A - is it ok to use one with higher amps (ie: 9V 4A)?  How about one with fewer amps - 9V 2A?  Is there a range that will work 3A +/- 14% or some other Percentage?  Right now playing with just one cord and that is risky.............

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

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The PodGo requires 9V 2,5 A MIN. If I take 2,5 A serious I know 2 power supplies with this feature:

Thomann Power Supply Uni 5-15V DC 3A 19,90 €

Thomann Power Supply 5-15V DC 3A Uni 29 €

MyVolts offered a suitable power supply before but actually I cannot find it again. 

Thomann also offers  some 2 A power cords but they would not be my first choice. This would depend on an attempt.


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