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M9 Vs. Pod Hd500x


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Hello all! I currently own an M9 with EX-1 and like it. I mainly use it in the studio for modulation and time/spatial effects combined with any outboard dirt boxes running into various amps. I sometimes use this set-up for the rare occasions I play live.


But now I find myself in occasional live situations where an amp modeler makes more sense. Since the M9 doesn't have amp modeling, I am thinking about the POD HD500X. However, I don't want the clean multi-effects (no dirt, no amp/cab modeling) to be compromised when I use the board with my dirt pedals and amps.


Can the amp and cab modeling on the HD500X be completely bypassed so that it functions like an M9/13? If so, are there any consequences of using the 500X in this way, compared to the M9/13?



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absolutely.  I use my POD HD 500 three ways.  I use it through a SS power amp and PA speakers with full amp models and effects and also with my DT25 through L6 link using the preamp models and effects.  I also use it with my Crate V50 tube 1X12 combo in the 4 cable method.  This lets me use the effects only using the Crate clean or dirty channel or with a different patch the same setup allows me to use the POD preamps and effects straight into the Crate FX return and power section. All sound amazing. 


It takes a little work to get everything set up just right but its not that hard and there are plenty of threads on how to set it up and even videos in the Knowledge Base.


Go for it!


PS - you will also be able to power and control a JTV Variax and take it to another level altogether...

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Couldn't have put it any better, myself.

At the same price as the M13.. I'd say definitely go for it. You can use it the same way as you would the M13 if you don't want the modeling.. Plus side, you have modeling if you ever want, need, or feel the urge to experiment.

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I am in the process of switching over to from an m9 to a 500x...(haven't had time to do much yet with the 500x)

I wanted my sceens to be accessed by songs title ..(starting to have more customs sceens and it's getting tougher to remember where each song/sceene is). I saw theres a way to save by setlist..(can't wait to set that)


I posted this in the pod hd forum, but no answer..

About to switch all my M9 settings over (Manually) to an hd500x..

Anyone have any tips to make this task easier?

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The problem could be definitely solved if M9 / M13 would have an USB connection and some „M9 / M13 Edit“ software where you could save, manage and edit all presets, scenes and parameters like in POD HD line.

There is no need to have M9 / M13 working as an recording interface / sound card (it does not make sense if there is no amp modelling in M line), but the editing software could be a really powerful tool.

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