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What Happened To Vyzex For The Pocket Pod


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We'll I go to the download page click link get page that says software license agreement if I want to accept and download or decline . I click on accept and download then it goes to page saying I'm downloading then goes to saying we page cannot be found with this on page http404

Most likely causes: there might be typing error in the address

If you clicked on a link,it may be out of date

What you can try

Retype the address

Go back to previous page

Go to and look for the information you want

And more information saying this error means that internet explorer was able to connect to the website but the page you wanted was not found . It's possible that the we page is temporarily unavailable . Alternatively , the website might have changed or removed the page.

I'm using win8 so I don't understand what the problem is

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i clicked accept on both the links above and the software began to download...

you might have some security software on your machine causing issues...

any other users care to confirm?

works for me.

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