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Analogs Out Problem

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I have a problem with the analogs outs of my UX2. After connecting the output to my Edifier R2600 I can only hear noises. I can see the VU meters moving with every sound of my computer, but I cannot hear those sounds I only hear noises. 


I tested that the input of the edifier worked (connect the output audio of my computer directly to the Edifier).

I tested that the cable works.

I tested the analogs output individualy connecting a headphone, and it works!


But when I connect the ux2 to my edifier using the same cable, I can only hear noises.

Given that the cable is a RCA, I used two conversor from RCA to Plug to plug the cable to the UX2, the conversors are brand new (bought on a good audio store), could it be the problem? Or is something else that I'm missing?


Thanks for your help. :)

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Thanks fflbrgst for the answer!


Yes I have two RCA - Mono 1/4'' plug adapters (image: and they are both plugged into the audio outputs :) (


Another thing that i found is that if the RCA cable are disconnected and I'm playing my guitar I can see the Vu Meter moving (but when I connect the RCA -with the adapter-) to the analog outs, the VU Meters stop moving.

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one more test that I made. If I choose the UX2 as my sound output device (in OSX Preference) when I press the volume up & down I can see the VU Meter moving, so the sound is going to the UX2, but I cannot hear anything from the Edifiers, just a "noise" (static noise I guess). If I move the output volume pot in the UX2 this "noise" is louder, so something seems to be sending. I'm clueless about this. 


Any hint?



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