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M13 As Part Of Your Pedal Board Anybody Do This


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I had the M13 on my pedalboard for quite a while - since it came out in 2008, really. I recently switched out to an M9 so I could fit a MIDI controller on my board, but, yeah, I think the M13 works great on a board.


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Thanks Phil. What pedal board did you use or did you build one? I've been using my m13 since 2010 but I'm really not using that much of the tones that it has to offer. I'm beginning the process of adding my other pedals to the mix and some new ones like the Boss ps-6

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I just got on board the M13 train last night; got a sweet deal on an M13 with some killer extras from a guy on Craigslist last night. I am using the JTV59>HD500>DT25, so the M13 is going into the HD500 Fx loop, and it's being configured as a "post" amp fx processor - lots of reverbs, mods, tremelos, delays, etc. LOVE it!~


The extras were a large Gator pedalboard with a soft case, an Ernie Ball expression pedal - and a G50 wireless unit!


Not sure which Gator board/case this is on - the case part is just a zippered soft cover. The pedalboard shown in the photos lifts out and has the carry handle on the back of it. Pretty heavy though! Guy did a sweet job wiring it all up so the power is hidden underneath.


The Gator looks alot like this one - the GPT-PRO. The reviews saying it's heavy are quite correct - the plywood pedalboard portion is maybe 15lbs by itself, so with the M13 and everything on it's pretty beefy! Might look at downsizing it to a lighter, smaller metal frame pedalboard, bump the G50 transmitter into the space that's free on the Tarcase HD500 board, and let my buddy borrow the Gator for his mess of analog pedals; he really needs a pedalboard that big for all his gear! For now it's all tucked under and secured nicely underneath, so no rush to tear it apart until I have a better option in hand.


I do have a Pedaltrain 2 (with the super-sized flight case) and it's well designed - and it comes with brackets to mount a Voodoo Lab power supply under it, with the cutouts for the power in and out, which is pretty nice. I might look into shifting the M13 over on to the Pedaltrain if it will fit properly, and maybe move my analog pedals on to the bigger board. I dunno, will have to spend some time with pedal layout, see how it all fits. As it is now, the analog pedals are pretty cramped on the Pedaltrain 2 board (photo here); it's 24" x 12.5" ; the M13 would be tight on it from top to bottom size - the M13 is something like 15.5" x 12"


(upside down) M13 on Gator pedalboard


M13 on Gator pedalboard


M13 Gator case next to HD500 Tarcase


HD500 + M13 on pedalboards

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I use M13 with overdrive (Fulltone Fulldrive 2) and distortion (MXR distorion 2) in FX loop of M13 and It works great. I have a custom case because I not found with right dimensions for me :-) Look at this topic (my rig with custom expression pedal which can switch on/off wah by pressing toe).


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Can anyone help me...i'm using a line 6 M13 and a strymon big sky reverb pedal on my there a power supply that can power both these pedals.


Not that I know of... Do you have other pedals as well, or just these two?


The issue is that the M13 requires 9V AC and draws something like 1200 or 1300mA. I don't know of any pedal brick that has an AC output of that capacity.

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Wilson . . . I can only wish there was a quick and easy solution, but Uber's comment 'Not that I know of' is all too true.


I use an M9 and several different pedals and haven't found one pedal board or power source that covers everything.

You would have thought Line 6 or Yamaha would have come out with a proprietary pedal board by now.


I would love to run my M9 and my Variax together on stage, but I don't play concert halls with that much stage room.

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