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Can I use my UX2 to capture midi in Guitar Pro 6

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I just purchased Guitar Pro 6 and I want to directly capture my (guitar, keyboards, etc) in order to write the tabulature. I know that the GP6 can capture midi files directly. Can I use my UX2 to capture midi while playing? I use reaper as my recording software and POD Farm 2 for tones. Would I need any additional software or devices to be able to do this?


Thanks for any help that you can give me

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The UX2 is an audio interface. It does not handle any MIDI information.


I am not a guitar-midi expert in any way so I can't really advise you on the best way, or equipment, to turn your guitar input into the MIDI files that GP6 needs .... but I know the UX2 won't do it.

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you can google wav, mp3, or guitar to midi, but most of the free stuff is mono phonic.


Or you can get a midi guitar or midi pick-up, also expensive.


Are trying to transcribe original material to MIDI? If so and you go the old fashion route and manual enter the score/tab or midi, I think you will find it will increase your transcribing skills.


For an affordable Transcribing software I have heard good thing about this, haven't personally tried it yet.




Also, I have used Sibelius which includes AudioScore Lite, which can convert an instrument signal into musical score (which easily converts to midi). The full version is expensive, but I have had some success with the lite version, you do have to clean up the note values (for timing) a bit, but it should get you to 80 to 90 % there.

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