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Variax Left Handed

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All hope is not lost guys! I spoke to Stevic (the Shuriken guy) last night & he wants to do leftys if there's enough interest. Part of the problem is they have to basically do left handed circuit boards etc. Here's a link to join the mailing list, he's put a "I'm a lefty" box at the bottom...


Or email & say you're a lefty & you're keen.

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A lefty Shuriken? Okay, sure. But with a 27" scale, it's a niche product that certainly wouldn't be my first choice. We NEED a standard scale, left-handed variax. The robots that put the circuitboards together really won't complain if you program them to make the boards backwards. And on the human side, it's just the right thing to do. I'm glad I have a Variax 500. But technology has advanced leaps and bounds over the past fifteen years, and us lefties aren't welcome at the party. Time to finally show some lefty love, Line 6.

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Hello. I am posting on this thread to direct people to a specific Ideascale Idea to suggest to Shuriken to make a left handed variant.


If they can get a list of 50 south paws willing to make a pre-order commitment, then there is a chance that they will consider it.


If you are interested in this, please up vote the following idea, and also leave a post with your declaration of interest on it.

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On 6/9/2014 at 6:53 PM, laxtlo said:

Okey well anyway Line6 should bring left handed models to market. I Would definetely buy one.


I have a lefty Line6  cherry red Variax 500  that I don't use because I realise i far prefer playing acoustic.  (My lefty Taylor ticks my boxes)


The Variax is pretty much in  pristine condition  since I've rarely played it . 


Incidentally, i also have the "Workbench" connector unit, which I bought along with the Variax


I'm based in Gurugram India (near New Delhi)


Contact me if you're a serious buyer and are still looking for a lefty Variax.


Cyrus Vesuvala 



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