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    Helix 2.9

    I cannot hold it anymore i have to go to the bathroom. Sorry guys i did fail.
  2. The update stalled and I had to cancel it. I did power off Helix and try it again and update succeed.
  3. Updating takes forever Installing firmaware update.... i guess i´v been 50% like 20min but i just wait some more :)
  4. Hi, Update is coming very soon i guess :D This version of Line 6 Updater is required for the upcoming Helix 2.80 release.
  5. All my backup tapes are full.
  6. Nice conversation and end of the video Bumblelfoot talk about modelers and of course Line6 helix and native plugin. Bumblefoot is one of the best guitar players out there for sure.
  7. Update went smoothly than need to reset settings etc..just download new helix edit make backup if needed and update firmware thats it ! Somebody told there is MOJO more than ever :) DS-1 Distortion pedal is very good ! Thank you. -laxtlo
  8. I own fr10 active speaker and i love it. Very portable and powerfull. I been using it with jam sessions and it sure have enough volume for jams 😉
  9. Matrix Amplification FR-10 active speaker very portable and powerfull i love it. -laxtlo
  10. Aussie Aussie Aussie OI OI OI ! D I´ve been in down under several times and i love Australia !! Map of tassie :)
  11. I will definitely try YUI IR when i have some more time i am a huge GNR fan :)
  12. I like supro amp you can get even very heavy sound out of it 😀
  13. Yeah i understand that and its looks pretty amazing :) I just want it to show another option and it also pretty cheap.
  14. My solution is this :)
  15. Rule number one dont buy Behringer period
  16. Here is twin brother of matrix FR-10 and i love it :) Lightweight and powerfull with DPS function "namely "flat" "loudness correction" and "bass cut" modes. An audible beep lets you know which mode is active" So easy to grap a guitar in the back and matrix to left hand and helix to the right and off you go :) -laxtlo
  17. OMG its beautifull !! Honey Burst standard HP ? Or is it Herritage cherry sunburst ? :)
  18. Yes He´s a great player i do follow he´s channel on youtube but i wont buy presets or patches cause they sound so diffent what guitar is been used to create that preset.
  19. Good answers dudes. I notice that there is frfr active and passive speakers available. Active FRFR dont need power amp :)
  20. Hello, Has anybody any experiences with power amp and FRFR active speakers with helix ? I´ve been thinking to buy Palmer Macht 402 from thomann cause its kind of cheap comparing to premium models like matrix amplification GT1000FX-1U. They are promising tube sound but is that just a market mens sales talk ? :) -lax
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