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  1. I had a similar issues with some of the patches I downloaded from Custom Tone. I just deleted the patches and all back to normal now.
  2. mikegibbo52

    Can't update

    Use Glenn DeLaune You Tube video Updating to 2.30 it runs through step by step and very easy to follow.
  3. Thanks everyone for your help again. It is so fantastic to get so many helpful hints. Cheers
  4. I have been using Global EQ for the high and low cuts across all my patches, but I have just started using IR's and have still found the highs too cutting. So some questions 1. When using IR's do you remove the speaker cabinets from the path? 2. Do you need to cut highs and lows from the speaker cabs and IR's if you use Global EQ My Global EQ cut is -100 / 48k but some speakers like Cali V30 seem way too bright and tinie still.
  5. Had a chance today to try all the suggestions and using the values recommended for Hi/Low Cut. Tried in the global settings, which work well. Went through 30 of my 45 song patches, added a few minor tweaks and very happy with the progress so far. Can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Thanks everyone for your input. Very much appreciated. Mike
  6. Thanks everyone, it so cool to get immediate responses that direct me to resolve my issues. I guess what I struggle with is the correct settings like compression and noise gates. Yes I do run direct into a P A. At home I use a Turbosound IP 2000 and the sounds I have done correctly do sound fantastic. I guess the frustration of not using it yet after over a month is a pain cause I'm so keen to use it. Spending days and days playing with it week after week and moving forward so slowly is the reason I would like to search out song patches. This week we have an outdoor gig with over a thousand people coming and I can't see me being ready with the Helix. So glad I did not sell my GT 100 yet. Yep I'm an Aussie, have a bonsa day from the land down under. Cheer thanks for the help.
  7. Ok I have had my Helix for a month now, bought some patches, some good some not quite there. I play covers so I am spending hours trying to duplicate original sounds. I am getting there slowly, but some sounds are thin and tinny on the high strings and flabby and basy on the low, but OK in the middle 3rd and 4th strings and it's driving me nuts. My previous peddle is a GT 100 from Boss and the learning curve was quick, go to the Tone Room from Boss who had Proffessional musicians create patches for songs which could be down loaded. Easy campezee. Unfortunately I still have to gig with my Boss pedal cause every time I use the Helix the band members look at me strange like " What the" Now I really want to use the Helix but I am loosing my enthusiasm cause I just can't seem to get the voicing of the sounds close enough. We play mainly 70's Bryan Adams, Eagles, Doobies, Dragon, Santana, Stones, Led Zep, AC/DC etc. Have the Glenn DeLaune patches but looking for individual songs like Run to You with 3 snapshots for Intro, verse and Lead 1 and Lead 2 with 5th harmony. I can create the mechanics of it but not nail the sound. Searched custom tones and no luck.
  8. Thanks so much for your detailed answer, I'll keep working on those ideas, it's reassuring that the Turbosound is usable I was doubting it's worth. I have only had my Helix for a month and I'm starting to get my head around its process and understanding how to edit better. Little things like, cleaner crush, more sustain are know achievable. Just taking much longer than I'd like to get usable patches that work with my dou sound. Thanks again.
  9. I do have one but not getting real good tones. Even the drum and bass backing sound thin. I am running through a TouchMix desk. Should I plug the Helix direct?
  10. mikegibbo52


    It's such a relieve to read so many of you are having the same troubles with the tuner, the small accurate bar at the top is impossible to get right and even when it's close the guitar is not in tune. Would love Helix to get it updated, nothing worse than a guitar not tuned correctly.
  11. Does anyone know if the Turbosound IP2000 a suitable FRFR system that you could run a helix through and be used Live by a duo?
  12. Yes the Helix editor is also version 2.2 and the latest drivers loaded. This is my first install so no previous versions.
  13. Thanks so much for the quick response everyone, will try those ideas.
  14. Here is my situation, Helix connected to computer, using latest firmware 2.2, working on new patches, red Band appears across the top of helix software, "connection timed out, unable to connect to helix" The result all patches in that user disappears, only the numbers left in the list, no names and empty patches, not even the path graphic of an empty preset. Loaded my set list again, looked OK initially, working away again fixing up what I lost then it happens again. Next time I decide to use User 2 to load my set list, repeat of last episode, getting nervous as will I have any user set list left. Did a reboot, lost everything as I don't want to load that backup set list again. It's a brand new helix I have only had it a couple of weeks, had just finished making 25 patches, and loaded Custom Patches Vol 1 and 2 from Glenn Delaune We have a gig tomorrow so will still have to use my GT100 as my backup. Really looking forward to using it as it sounds awesome, back to the drawing board building all my patches from scratch. Consered it will happen again. Any ideas or solutions appreciated, unfortunately no phone tech support in Australia.
  15. Hi I am new to helix and I have had mine for just over a week so this may be basic to advanced users. I have created a patch with a small amount of gain, slight crunch. I just want to add some sustain to the solo sound without increasing the gain. What's the trick?
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