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Setlists, Banks, And Abcd Strategies


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I don't play nearly as much as most of the above and my sets/gigs aren't nearly as long, but for what it's worth I find the FS5-8 mode much easier to work around. But really it's obviously whatever works best for you.


FS1 - Vol Pedal

FS2 - Compressor

FS3 - Noise Gate

FS4 - Reverb

FS5 - Delay 1 (dotted 8 plus 1/4)

FS6 - Delay 2 (1/4 modulated)

FS7 - Overdrive (screamer)

FS8 - Empty since I use two delays on FS5


This isn't the order of the chain, just the FS.  FS1-4 are usually always on, and I set the bottom switches to things I will usually turn on/off like delay and overdrive.  I just use one amp/cab/mic combo and feel it works best for most situations (Vox AC30 with Blackback 30, 57 on axis mic).  This would of course not be a good setup for metal though.

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I do not organize my patches. They get put in slots as they are created. The reason for this......I use an app for the iPad called set list maker. http://www.arlomedia.com/apps/setlistmaker/main/home.html it allows you to catalog your songs and then put them into set lists. One of the attributes of the Song is a midi command that you can create that will select the patch you want on your pod.


So, with my iPad in place. When ever I touch the song in the setlist it selects the patch. So, I have ultimate flexibility.

Can you share the information on what you are using for connecting SLM with the HD500, as o am having problems using a standard MIDI to USB cable.


I think that set list maker is the way forward to keep patches easy to find for all gigs.

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