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  1. I was using an aux cable from my iPhone to a 1/4" adapter into the Alto. It sounded the same on all the other speakers at GC too. Not a big deal for me since I can just go through the POD to practice along with a song anyway. But it would be more convenient for simply listening to music to not have to go through the POD to get good sound.
  2. Love the way this thing sounds so far, especially for the $199 I paid for it. So I'm sure there is a technical reason for this, and I'm hoping someone can enlighten me. When I plug my phone/mp3 player into it directly, it sounds like garbage. But when I plug my phone into the HD500x jack and then go to the Alto, it sounds great again. Does it just need the amplification from the HD500x or similar unit? All the other speakers at GC did the same thing when tested, so it's not the Alto itself. Any ideas?
  3. Just to answer the "key of I have no friggin clue" part - it's in the key of B/G#m (assuming those notes are correct). Edit - but yeah if that A# is supposed to be an A, then the key would be A/F#m like the video says.
  4. After trying many different options, I've found this one works the best for me as well, especially if you are just looking for volume boost and not a change in tone. I personally use a 0db send and a 6db return on the fx loop.
  5. After close to a year of recording, my wife finally released her first CD. I have a couple of solos on it (mainly track 6) using my POD and Strat. It was a fun project - sorry if you don't speak Spanish! http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/gisellecollins http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Ddigital-music&field-keywords=giselle+collins Promo video: We are shooting a music video for one of the songs today as well. If it wasn't for the tips here, the wah wouldn't sound nearly as good in Track 8 (have a preview listen). So thanks!
  6. It's about as useful as saying "guitar" or "fingers". I would just hope that someone who is actually a representative of a company would have a more concise answer if they are going to answer at all.
  7. Really hope you aren't actually on Line6 staff with that answer.
  8. Seeing the tap tempo light flash all the time would drive me crazy. I unplug it after every use.
  9. Cool thanks - another set of cheap speakers will definitely be more convenient than reaching down to plug the POD in just to hear myself play poker. :P
  10. I'm totally fine with doing that, but the problem is the speakers are hooked directly into the POD. So unless I unhook them and put them back into the computer itself, I still won't have sound....right? So here is now my current setup: Speakers (good)--->Headphone out of POD. Have to turn on POD (meaning plug it in) to hear them. Speakers (cheap)---->Out of Computer. Not as high quality but fine for general use and don't have to turn on POD to hear them. Any other ideas?? I still feel like I'm making this way too complicated.
  11. Deleted my response so as to avoid any confusion...thanks Charlie.
  12. Thanks for all the tips. Couldn't agree more with the low cut to avoid getting in the bass' frequency. Regarding boosting solos, I'm currently using a studio EQ at the end of the chain with about a 4db boost in the 125 and 3K ranges. Tried the FX loop thing a few times with some mixed results as well. Oh and LOL....I HOPE YOUR DRUMMER USES EAR PROTECTION!
  13. Yeah it's a desktop. Maybe I'll just get another set of cheap computer speakers and plug them into the computer speaker jack to use when I'm not using the POD. Then I'll leave the pod usb plugged in like it is and use the better speakers for playing along to music that way.
  14. That's what I mean, just unplugging it. It doesn't have an on/off switch. When I unplug it, the computer says I have no speakers hooked up since they are plugged into it.
  15. Well it's definitely sounding much better now. My only dilemma now is I'd rather not have to turn on the POD just to hear sound from the computer. Right now if I turn off the POD, it's like I don't have speakers, since that's where they are connected. Is there any work around for this besides having to go back behind the computer to plug the speakers back into it (or turn on the POD)? Sorry if you answered that already, maybe I misunderstood.
  16. :lol: Feeling a little dumb now. Thanks, works great. Was definitely overthinking that one. Last question (another dumb one) - the POD has to be turned on now anytime I want to hear sound from the computer right?
  17. I thought I had this figured out, but apparently something isn't right. I'm not getting accurate/good sound from my computer speakers but getting great sound through headphones (I don't expect them to be the same, but they aren't even close). So I did an experiment to see where the issue was. I plugged the speakers directly into the POD headphone jack and viola, great sound again. But of course now I can't hear the computer. So the problem is either the computer or how I have it set up. This is what I was doing: POD headphone jack--->line in of computer Speakers--->speaker jack of computer But it sounds horrible. I remember reading something about using POD as the computer soundcard, and maybe this is where I've gone wrong. Can someone post how to go about doing this? Or tell me the best way to do this? I'm not using any other kind of input (headphone amp, digital interface, recording software, etc). I just want to be able to play along to music on my computer/youtube. I don't do any recording, etc... Any assistance is appreciated!
  18. I don't like using XLR anyway unless it's a long distance, which is usually not the case at home. But like pianoguy said, I'd make sure nothing else was wrong first.
  19. I guess I don't run into this problem very often because I try to use the same patch nearly all the time using the POD in pedalboard mode. If for some reason I need another patch (which is VERY rare, not to mention I don't like the latency when switching between patches) then I try to keep it very close to the original and just make the adjustment needed for the song (i.e. maybe it needs a wah or more reverb, then I just add that in the chain and take out something else and leave the rest the same). Maybe this is just avoiding the problem instead of fixing it, but I think it's a bit unrealistic to want to change to completely different sounding amps during a set and expect them to be at exactly the same volume. Maybe I just don't play songs that are that different from one another during a set where I would need to change to a different amp. Anyway, it sounds like the OP has made up his mind to go away from the POD. It's not for everyone, and he will need to do what works best for him.
  20. Can't speak for playing that type of music on a 500x, but to the question of how bad is it to get the hang of editing, it isn't as challenging as some make it out to be. There are also some great sounding user made patches on customtone that you can just download and play with. But the fun comes out of creating your own sound. The biggest challenge (I think anyway) is keeping in mind that any set up is going to sound different in a live arena situation that it will in your bedroom or living room and not to get frustrated when you create this great sounding tone only to hear it completely different when you get to sound check. A small example of this is that I know my computer speakers will start to clip if I turn the master volume past about halfway on my POD. But I can crank it at a gig and not have any clipping issues. So I just keep that in mind when I practice at home and turn down the master volume on the POD, then I turn it up a bit at the gig, and it's pretty close to what I had at home.
  21. I will chime in on this topic only to say that I have been "surprised" more than once when I step to the mic to sing and accidently step on the bank up/down button, since the POD sits right next to the mic. Then the next time I go to change an effect, bingo it switches presets (unless I happen to catch it first). It would be nice to have a "lock" feature for those buttons imo. I'm sure it's a matter of "best practices" for mic stand and POD placement, but it is a little frustrating at times.
  22. I've been using the WorshipArtistry patch for a few weeks now and really like it. It uses the same amp. If you're getting the sound you like, then I don't see a reason to switch amps. Dozens of bands use the AC30. As far as the issue you're having, you may want to check the gain on the amp as well. I use that amp, and I have the gain set to around 35% - enough to grit up if I dig in on it but still works clean if I don't. I also use the TS pedal in the chain as my only distortion pedal. With the amp set to around 35% and the TS set to around 60% drive, you'll get plenty enough gain for any worship song. I just used the WorshipArtistry patch for a week long camp inside a gym (ugh) and it sounded great. I tried making some other patches as well, using heavier sounding amps, but they just didn't work for me either. Not to say you can't do it, but if it sounds great already, why change?
  23. I don't tour but do play in a few different venues with different acoustics. Only advise I can give is to not spend a lot of time trying to tweak your POD to accommodate each one or you'll go crazy. As others have said, let the sound guy earn his money. And if you don't have IEMs, then investing in a small to medium floor monitor that you control is always a nice idea.
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