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POD UX2 - authorized, no guitar presets, doesn't start....?!


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I bought a Line6 UX2 last year, and it always worked good.

On emonth ago my pc crashed, so I bought a new one and had to re.install all programs.

A few days ago I installed again my UX2 with its PODFarm 2.55; I ran the licenser and IT authorized at once both the device and my new pc.

First time I opened it, i found totally EMPTY the library where I found all guitar tones : Both the prests tones and those I created were missing!

I closed it, and tried to open it again. It didn't open!

Every time I try to run PODFarm, I receive an error message, you can see it attached.

' POD Farm failed to initialize L6TWXYframework. (Code 0x8000e00a) '


What does it means? How can have it working again?

And even if starting again.... How can I get back all the guitar tones I had????  (presets and created ones)


Please help me!! 


Thank you ver much to everyone could give me some direction!




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Yes it authorize it all. Actually I uninstalled POD farm and re-installed it, upgraded to version 2.57, and now is no more showing that message.

Instead, now I cannot find old guitar tones I had when Iwas running it on my old pc (started a new topic about that)!!  I don't unerstand...!  :(

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