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USB out no processing possible?

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Is it possible to get an unprocessed signal out of the HD500X USB port? I'm thinking about purchasing the HD500X, but I still have Amplitube 3 on my Mac and would still like to use it. If at all possible I would like to get a clean signal out of the USB port to feed into Amplitube 3


I have been looking at the Fender Mustang Floor and to get a clean signal out of USB you choose the pre-amp only as your amp.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Not possible on the usb port. But you can get a dry signal out of the coaxial digital output. In addition to that, you can build patches in which a straight unprocessed signal is on one path, and a processed signal on the other path. There should be some detailed info on that if you search the forums.

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It's possible in mono settings. Try that trick:

Open tmpty new preset, mixer pan have to be 100% L 100% right, left output is 0dB, right output is MUTE. Than plug cable from right output to amp, while plug empty jack to left output of POD HD (don't connect it so amp, you can get broken cable or just only connector, doesn't matter, if you don't do it you'll still hear unprocessed guitar in your amp). If USB is not connected you have not hear any tone.

Than in amplitube use left input only and use mono effects, and you'll hear only amplitube FX's in your amp. 

It was interested and I just tried. It works!

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