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  1. I use HX Stomp for two years, never had a described problem. Once in two years it gets frozen. And 3 or 4 times I had no sound just after I power it on. Power cycling always help. I love HX Stomp so much due to versatility and size but I am thinking of buying spare one.
  2. Today I upgraded my HX Stomp to firmware 3.0 and my regular setup stop working. I connect my iphone via usb cable and camera connection kit and I use TouchOSC software to send midi messages. No midi output from Touch OSC, nothing changes into HX Stomp. I tried two different USB cables, two different camera connection kits, I fiddle with midi settings in general settings. What do I miss?
  3. I currently use ipad with TouchOsc app to control my HX Stomp. I have assortment of presets on my screen (PC midi message) and some "rotating" knobs for delay, reverb and pitch mix (CC midi message). I am not completely happy using ipad as sometimes it lost connection with HX Stomp, sometimes TouchOSC freezes, I need to worry about keep ipad charged (yes, I can charge it while using, but if battery is empty it takes time to turn ipad on). I'd like to have something small and tabletop like AKAI LPD8 with 6-10 knobs/pads for choosing presets and 4-8 rotating knobs to control certain parameters of blocks. AKAI LPD8 looks cool, but I am not sure is it possible to map pads as PC and how to connect USB output of LPD to midi or USB input of HX Stomp. Any ideas how to setup LPD8 or something alternative.
  4. 1. I use HX Stomp for several month (about 20 gigs and a lot of practice) and twice I get strange flaw. I turn HX stomp on and no sound at all with any preset, while analog bypass sounds goes as usual. I reboot HX and it starts working ok. Not a big problem, but I'd like not to have it and I hope it'll not be more frequent. Does anyone else have the same issues? Firmware 2.71 2. I use Ipad via camera connection kit and usb cable to control changing presets and controlling effects using Touch OSC. I use PC commands to choose presets most of the time and it workds, but If I send commands too fast (random touches) or sometimes just use CC's to control, ipad stop working as controller and Line6 stops getting midi commands (ipad app show midi send). Unplugging and plugging it back helps. iOS version 8.1
  5. I use HX Stomp for several month (about 20 gigs and a lot of practice) and twice I get strange flaw. I turn HX stomp on and no sound at all with any preset, while analog bypass sounds goes as usual. I reboot HX and it starts working ok. Not a big problem, but I'd like not to have it and I hope it'll not be more frequent. Does anyone else have the same issues?
  6. I finally setup my ipad as controller for my HX Stomp (camera connection kit, usb cable, touchOSC app) and start successfully using it onstage. And my wishes goes deeper. I always thought about having small midi keyboard to press several chords on several songs, but I don't want to mess with setting up separate di channels, buy keys with own sounds or bring computer onstage. But now I have ipad onstage already, I have midi keyboard at my desktop (m-audio axiom 25), my HX Stomp also works as audio interface to ipad and I can send music from ipad to PA via HX Stomp. So I want to plug my midi keyboard via midi cable to midi input of HX Stomp, launch synth app on ipad and play some keys too. However my ipad don't receive any midi signal from my keyboard. What am I doing wrong? I check all midi parameters in different combination, I checked midi cable, I check midi input (HX Stomp receive CC from keyboard controllers) Again my setup is M-audio axiom 25 -> midi cable -> hx stomp -> usb cable -> camera connection kit -> ipad. Problem - no midi in from keyboard to ipad
  7. I prefer operating by hand and made me expression2/fs4 box. One pot, one button, one TRS jack female, one trs-trs cable and 3 hours of making. Works perfect!
  8. And you connect HX Stomp via USB? What app do you like to use?
  9. Still thinking how to make HX Stomp more controllable, while keeping portability. I've found such a product https://ru.yamaha.com/ru/products/music_production/accessories/md-bt01/index.html - bluetooth midi interface. Is it possible to send midi cc# commands from my ipad to my HX Stomp using this device? Will it work?
  10. I prefer to keep FS3 for stomp instead of tap because it also have reminder what is programmed to it in this patch, and in some cases if I can't put pedal tabletop I need FS3 more than tap. I can bend to tap, while it is not so comfortable to bend for effect on off, this knob is small but not foot friendly.
  11. I finally make a decision to make an expression2 and FS4 in one small box and set FS4 to tap, I miss blinking a bit, but I can live without it. Anyway I plan to use whole device tabletop for gigs where I need a lot of effects.
  12. Rather expensive, but why not! Thank you!
  13. Computer is not a compact solution anyway. I want some small tabletop device with 6-10 buttons to choose presets, while keeping HX Stomp on the floor in pedalboard mode.
  14. Ooops, so pity ))): Thank you for answer. I didn't familiar with midi good enough. Is it possible to send cc# using any kind of switches or just rotating knobs? Which tiny midi controller can be good for HX Stomp?
  15. Sorry for second post. I have new HX Stomp, midi keyboard (Axiom 25) and Akai mpx8 (which is look great to become midi controller for HX Stomp). I connect everything, turn "omni" in global settings press "learn" on parameter (fx bypass). I tried all possible midi notes from my mpx8, I tried all keys and knobs on my midi keyboard. The only knob of keyboard gives a reaction to "learn" and start switching this fx on/off (other don't give any effect). I checked midi cable from my mpx8 - my iMac recieves midi signal in Logic Pro and I can play notes on virtual instruments using both keyboard and mpx8, while still no effect besides one knob of midi keyboard (CC106). I try to program pad on my mpx8 to cc106, HX stomp doesn't get it, I tried omni and channel 10 (as MPX8 is actually drum module). What am I doing wrong?
  16. I just get my new HX Stomp, I like it so much and I am very impressed! However one thing looks strange for me. I use tempo based delays sometimes, but not for each tone. So is it possible to assign FS3 to tap tempo only for presets where I use tap delay, while use FS3 as third stomp for another presets? It looks like it is global setting and as I really need tap for two tones, for other ten tones I have useless blinking knob which I'd prefer to use for something else. Any solution?
  17. It's possible in mono settings. Try that trick: Open tmpty new preset, mixer pan have to be 100% L 100% right, left output is 0dB, right output is MUTE. Than plug cable from right output to amp, while plug empty jack to left output of POD HD (don't connect it so amp, you can get broken cable or just only connector, doesn't matter, if you don't do it you'll still hear unprocessed guitar in your amp). If USB is not connected you have not hear any tone. Than in amplitube use left input only and use mono effects, and you'll hear only amplitube FX's in your amp. It was interested and I just tried. It works!
  18. I had such glithes 2 or 3 times. Hope it'll not occur again.
  19. It was the latest firmware, but I reinstalled it. Hope it'll not occur again.
  20. Line6 POD HD desktop, connected as audio i/f and at the same time I play guitar. It's the 3rd time for last half-year it starts producing high-pitched ringing noise and no more output from computer or guitar. Never get this problem onstage without computer. But I get this twice with my previous PC, today with my new MAC. Actually it's easy solved with rebooting, but I have to trust my rig when I play live. What's going on with my POD? Is it dangerous to get this problem live? It's 30 degrees celsium, can it be result of overheating?
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