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POD HD and Line 6 Spider 4 150
by james_bowmer on 2011-06-16 09:27:05

Hi Line 6,

      I currently own a line 6 Spider 4 150, it's been amazing! I'm thinking of buying the POD HD400, the question is can i use the POD HD400 with my Spider 4 150?

     Also a little side question, can the POD HD400 change the pitch of my guitar from standard tuning to D#, i need it for a particular song i play with my band and i need to down-tune to D# but i'd rather not re-tune my whole guitar, and i wondered if the HD400 had an effect that does that?

Cheers James x    

Re: POD HD and Line 6 Spider 4 150
by Nick_Mattocks on 2011-06-16 10:21:57


Yes you can use your HD400 with a Spider IV 150. 

You don't have the luxury of having an FX loop in the Spider IV so there are a couple of ways that you can make the amp work with as clean and flat a tone as possible to make life easier than trying to physically create a Spider IV patch that is flat:

Use the CD/MP3 input on the amp - you'll need a dummy jack plug in the Spider IV's normal front input to enable the CD/MP3 input

Start the Spider IV in TEST mode by holding down the Tap button as you power the amp on - this will disable all DSP functionality as far as amp modelling, tone and FX - I would recommend this method as being a bit more robust instead of using the mini jack approach of going in via the CD/MP3 input.

As far as being able to perform a full guitar detune.   It isn't recommended but you may find that you can use Pitch Glide set to -2 semitones with its Mix control set to 100% along with a distortion effect.  It won't work at all well with a clean sound as you will almost certainly get some aliasing effects, but with a heavily distorted sound you may get away with it just about.  I have done this as an experiment in the past with the spider IV and the Spider Valve MkII and it could have been considered passable, so I guess it will be a similar case in the HD400 but don't expect miracles.  If you need that kind of pitch shifting in real time and for the quality to be decent, Line 6's ideal product is the Variax or James Tyler Variax


Re: POD HD and Line 6 Spider 4 150
by gtrman100 on 2011-06-16 10:24:01

You could plug a Pod into a Spider IV, but I wouldn't. The Spider is a modeling amp, and the Pod is a modeling pedal. You would be running one modeler into another which usually doesn't give the best tone. If the Spider had an effects loop, so you could plug the Pod directly into the Spider's power amp, I'd say go for it. If you decide to get a Pod, you might want to get a PA type powered speaker, or an amp that has an effects loop. That said, it's really up to you. I have a Spider IV 120 and it has very decent amp models and effects.

Nick's idea of using the test mode is a workaround, but if you're going to pay big bucks for a Pod, to me it's worth getting an amp that will sound better with it.

Re: POD HD and Line 6 Spider 4 150
by james_bowmer on 2011-06-16 11:06:30

Thankyou so much guys! i can't begin to appreciate how thankful i am of your help, do you think i'd be better of buying an FBV Shortboard MkII instead? Admittedly it doesn't have the drop-down tuning i was originally looking for but that's not a huge issue, it includes a wah pedal etc and loads of other effects which could prove to be very useful

An FBV SB MkII presumably works with Spider 4 150 again?

Again, thankyou so much! and sorry for wasting your time talking about the HD series, my mistake!

James x

Re: RE: POD HD and Line 6 Spider 4 150
by Line6david on 2011-06-17 09:31:52


  The FBV Shortboard MKII would be more affordable and convenient with your Spider IV 150.

  Be sure to check out the advanced user guide for spider IV:

Page 6.1



  Line 6 Customer Support

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