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  1. Hey there, The answer to your question is yes. In the editor select the amp window and from a blank "new tone" starting point, drag the amp that is showing (The shaded bloack that you know would be the amp...as it is a blank tone) and slide it up to the top section of the amp area and another amp block will appear in the window. Go to the drop down menu and select your amps or pre's or whatever you use. I always use a full amp in the top (or left side) and a pre on the bottom (or Right). Don't forget the noise gate at the beginning of your chain. Cheers...I hope that wasn't to confusing, it is very simple.
  2. All this conversation is a good thing. I see that this thread started last year and has been "bumping" in and out since then. Conversation and learning are all good things. What is NOT a good thing are forum suicides. I will NEVER understand - outside of the nose thumbing - are the ones that can not or will not simply pick up their guitar and go elsewhere without a long suicide note slamming gear that the vast majority of the people here really like. In the end I can't speak for everyone but if line6 isn't what you were hoping for then absolutely move on. At the same time don't expect us to care that you are going. Don't hate you for it nor do I have feelings about it in any way, I simply don't care that you don't like the gear we use or that you leave. Ciao So my hope for the OP is that he is happy with his new gear and when he goes to their forum one day to commit web-suicide there, the response will be somewhat different than the response he has recieved here. I am certain they will be just as polite about it. :P
  3. I am guessing the problem is going to be in the laptop with the onboard soundcard. Like the mic has boost on it or some such that is what is actually the problem. I could be wrong. It's just what popped into my head. Also your noise gate at the front of your signal chain set the decay to 0 and start the threshold at about 15% to start and move the threshold to quiet things even more. You will lost sound and attack on the string if you go to far. If it doesn't help at about 40% then that is not the solution. Good luck, I hope you get it sorted.
  4. I just want to say that I was too lazy to fix mine and I have had this HD-500 since they first came out as well. I just set my patches with either or and set it to whatever occupied the expression slot. This workaround is absolutely brilliant and works like a champ. Like the fine person that shared this and the OP said on-off, on-off clickc click....lol...it's flawless now. I can't thank you enough for this simple but very effective fix. Cheers.
  5. I will try that very thing tonight. I am hoping this does the trick. Based on what the guy who posted that described, his situation was identical to how mine is now. I am causiously optamistic. Thanks very much, hurghanico, this was exactly the type of thing I was hoping to find. You rock!!
  6. I get so tired of these ridiculous forum suicides. Great!! I'm glad you found a way to shortcut yourself or take the lazy road. Hope that works out for you. I mean what are we suppose to say? Personally, I love my line6 gear. If I didn't, however, I would simply move along and find what works for me. I guess it is just attention seeking nonsense. not sure.
  7. OK so here is my first official problem with my HD-500. (That I bought the first month they were available) I can no longer use the toe switch to select between exp-1 and exp-2. It had been getting more and more difficult to get it to actually click and now it is not operative at all. I wonder if there is some type of solution that doesn't involve taking it to be repaired. Does gunk or dust collect that can be blown out? Is this a ridiculous and wholly idiotic question? (well maybe that was overstating it, but you get the point... :) Thanks for any help you may be able to share.
  8. I wish I had something profound to offer that would be just enough for you to hang in there with line6; all I have is my experience with them after being a customer since the POD 2.0 was released. (I still have it and all the other L6 gear I ever owned.) and moved up to podXT that I kept untill the 1st month the HD500 was available. I am sharing this for a reason, I promise. :) There has only been one serious problem out of all the units. I had the CAT5 cable connector break on the xt and it was replaced. The only other time I ever dealt with line 6 was for the 2.0 EPROM upgrade that I never knew I could get, I didn't know it existed. I didn't have to know they told me about it and sent me the new EPROM, something like 7 years (or so I am not certain of the exact timeline)after it was first offered and FREE of charge. It made a noticeable difference and I was real pleased. I have had my HD500 for a long time and I am NOT super careful or worried about smoke or seeds falling into it or whatever, and it runs like a champ. Never an issue and I use it every single day. And I am serious, nothing has broken at all. Not even the expression vol/wah pedal. Cheers....hey how new is the unit and did you buy it at a guitar center?
  9. I know you said you used the gate but I am willing to bet, based on what you describe, if you place the basic "dynamic noise gate" at the beginning of your chain with the settings at Decay= 0% Thresh= start at 25% and slide up till the noise goes away. I am not intending to be insulting in any way; I have no idea what level of knowledge you have with this product. Hope you get it sorted out soon.
  10. Call me goofy but it seems to me that when I have ever needed help with anything, not just electronics but anything, and I asked for help from someone or a group of someones, I never considered that it would benefit me to ask the questions I had in a whiney, complaining, insulting and childish fashion. I would simply state my situation and ask for some help or more likely, answers to specific questions. In other words, I never tried to seek help the way you have here, how does that work out for you? The people here are amazingly kind and generous with their time. Now I see them in an even better light because I see that they will be just as helpful to those that clearly don't deserve it. Like you, here. Nomsayin?
  11. I suppose my post was not exactly clear, I should have been more thorough. I don't particularly care who they were targeting or who this product is geared towards, I am a happy HD500 owner to be sure but I guess my post is more a reaction to the thought that there was/is or could have ever been something more sinister involved in the early marketing of this new unit. I would tend to agree that it is unlikely that L6 was ever be involved or even knew of this false claim; it simply wouldn't be representitive of their history. In response to who it is marketed for I feel that is somewhat ridiculous for anyone to think of when looking at a product. I mean let's face it there isn't one of us that doesn't come here and look around with restrained excitement hoping there is some fresh new update, firmware or product. If there was more to the 500X I would certainly buy one; I would probably have already made the order before it came out. I get what you are saying about people that are happy shouldn't be dissapointed because this is not and never was targeted for current hd500 folks, I get it, I just don't see it as you do, I mean everyone here on the forum is a potential customer, probably the best and most loyal ones. Lastly, I really think, even though it is not a normal thing for L6 to do, they should offer up a disclaimer or an acknowledgement of this erroneous claim and distance themselves from it.
  12. Well if you ask me this is a big mistake. I love my line6 gear and have many of their products. To say they have always been a bit quirky when it comes to information would be an understatement for sure, but just exactly how much they had to do with the "leaked" advertising is something I would really like to know. I was stunned when I saw what maxed the DSP in the "x". That would NEVER get me to upgrade, actually nothing with regard to DSP has offered a problem for me. The tones I am able to get and the available effects for use in a single chain is more than adequite for most, unless you're Robert Fripp or someone similar. Very dissapointed.
  13. Don't forget to Have fun; if you do that then you shouldn't get frustrated!
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