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  1. Im not really the biggest computer guy so forgive my ignorance but how'd you realize that and whats the folder even for??
  2. So Ive been having problems with L6 monkey when I try to update it on OS X. Now I notified Line 6 of my problem however that was two weeks ago so I figure this is the next best. When I click on the icon it bounces like it normally does in mac, but then nothing, no window, no nothing and I can't make it do anymore. I tried uninstalling then reinstalling and still nothing. I was hoping to update and maybe look at the new model packs but thats not looking very likely.
  3. nicman

    HD500 questions

    I'm at guitar/variax which made little to no difference, plugged it into the PA (yes I set everything right) did not sound like a stack miced up
  4. you can try the 4 cable method (best of both worlds) or plug straight into the pod and plug the pods output in the fx return/power amp in (you may need to engage the amps fx loop. The latter will basically be you using an HD preamp into the marshall tube power amp. The 4 CM does that and more, I'd explain it but you can look it up and it'll tell you.
  5. nicman

    HD500 questions

    Alright I'll check my inputs. Though I guess I should specify, it doesnt sound bad, but sounds solidstate, and in so many recordings they sound very much like tube. Yes headphones it sounds fairly decent
  6. you could just record separately which would be best or just split the signal path
  7. nicman

    HD500 questions

    I use the pod as the soundcard with my speakers plugged into the phones jack (bose speakers, not individual recording speakers) but that shouldnt kill my tone plus my pa still sounds like crap. I cant get those same realistic tones like Ola or any of the other guys.
  8. nicman

    HD500 questions

    mac, usb, garageband. what about going to a PA though?
  9. nicman

    HD500 questions

    oh it is, all outputs and inputs are set
  10. nicman

    HD500 questions

    Alright so Ive had my 500 for a while and I hear so many recordings that sound great with it. Now Im pretty good with equalizing and balancing the lows, mids, and highs. The thing is though, I can't make a great sound like those in the recordings, I mean I've tweaked but its so far out there I know there isn't going to be some magic spot where it comes alive. Point is it sounds like a solid-state not even tube like which I hear in many other videos. Ive even downloaded the tones that I thought were amazing from custom tone and still sounds like a transistor! So is it in the mixing of the recording? If so then how do they have such a realistic live sound? if you can create a great sound with this, whether you know how you came up with it or not I just ask for every little detail you use when making the tone the recording or playing live, thanks.
  11. Ahhh, go into preferences into the audio and select your input and output for the COMPUTER, the program may be set but the actual Mac needs to be set
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