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    Volume drops out

    Hello! I have the same problem with my Helix updated to firmware 2.70. I use two Expression Pedals. I think that change Exp jack out isn't a good solution. For me, It's impossible for line6 to sell a pedalboard with this serious problem. Does someone solved it?
  2. Stop Switch Separated for Looper The Helix Looper is a great function but there is a limitation, the STOP switch is the same of PLAY. If you need to rec a phrase or a sequence of chords to play after this moment you can't stop the recorded loop without press two times the same switch and with ear some seconds of recording. It's too annoying, I use the Digitech Jamman and the switchs are separated, one for Play/Rec/Overdub and another for Stop! https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Stop-Switch-Separated-for-Looper/924261-23508#idea-tab-comments
  3. I've solved using Appzapper! This app uninstalls apps and relative files (like preferences and others). Then I've reinstalled the Editor and now the Editor Panel is appeared! B)
  4. It's specified in the title... I've installed the 2.10 version but the 1.04 does the same (I've used to backup at the beginning because my helix had 1.06.5 fw onboard)
  5. Hello! I'm new on Helix (floor), just bought, updated to 2.10 and installed the helix editor. I've a problem with Editor, when I launch the app (I'm on Mac with 10.11.6 El Capitan OSX) I see only the presets panel (the left column of the app) and I can't see and edit the EDITOR panel (the center/right part of the app). See the attached file! Senza titolo.tiff Does anybody can solve this issue? Best Regards Bob - ProGuitarist
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