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  1. Bumping the thread to ask if anyone had luck using the helix with manjaro/arch as an audio/midi interface?
  2. franz

    Ubuntu Studio Linux

    It's just a matter of time: https://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-releases-its-first-linux-product/ Be patient, first come first served.
  3. I guess it all depends on your return of investment: how long will it take for the $299 to pay off? What's the benefit in terms of time saved and workflow you'll gain from LT+Native integration? Will it save you more than $299 in the long run? For Helix Rack/Floor the price of $99 is a no brainer, it extends the integration of hardware in a studio and live context in a way currently unique on the market, actually making things more efficient and with 100% predictable results, thus a lot cheaper. If you chose to go LT I guess it was because you couldn't justify the ROI for the bigger hardware so it's very likely that the same happens for Native. In this case think of it as buying some luxury good that won't retain its value over time, not necessary, only possible if your budget allows it - no one complains for the price of luxury goods, just don't buy it.
  4. I'm really looking forward to finally hear all the great live performances and awesome music how they were meant to be, after this patch change lag will finally be fixed once and for all, the day we get it will be a great moment for humankind. I really don't understand how we got so far in music history without it. :huh:
  5. franz

    saddest tone

    D minor is the saddest key of all
  6. add a gain block near the output only to the distorted snapshots and turn that down in one go
  7. franz

    Helix Native

    I have one question: if I have a midi track with program changes an ccs on my DAW to drive patches and snapshots on the hardware will I be able to redirect the midi to the plugin and obtain the same results (and viceversa) given that the patch will occupy the same bank/slot on both?
  8. franz

    Helix Native

    Oh I'm pretty sure all the big players will at least consider this kind of integration sooner or later - Kemper was very close to that with the Virus TI but never did the step of having a true native plugin for it. I'm super interested to see if Helix will prove him wrong.
  9. franz

    Helix Native

    I'm very excited about this. The option to have a tight integration and portability between stage and studio was the missing piece of the puzzle. To be able to effectively edit a tone post recording, independently of the hardware (or even while on the road), trying different tonal and creative fx solutions in context of a mix/arrangement AND being able to bring those patches seamlessly on stage is for me priceless. The magnitude of this integration is potentially out of scale IMHO, and I believe will set the Helix in a unique spot on the market.
  10. franz

    Helix (fanboy) review

    you have to read between the lines ;)
  11. Hi all, I'm a Line 6 user since 1999, when I bought the first POD: I went through the red bean, the Pod XT, the Pod HD500X, and now the Helix. For this reason my review might be biased but anyways I'll start off saying that the Helix to me it's the best guitar processor available today, and it's not (mainly) about the sound. I've been a touring guitarist, producer, and studio musician for almost 20 years now and I always had the need to have a great range of tones available in a conveniently portable way: for this reason when Line 6 came up with amp modeling I jumped on it without thinking. Even if I'm a Line 6 fanboy I'd say that the first processor that actually got me to the point of not carrying an actual amp around at all times in the studio was the HD500X (it was good enough-ish), but even then I could tell the difference with my hands even more than with my ears. Enters the Helix. The tone quality you can get out of that thing is superb, right there at the top with the other big modelers on the market (I checked them out myself and they're all beautiful machines in their own respect) in terms of both sound and "tactile" feeling. That's all I will say about the sound. What made the difference big time for me are the "side" features: user experience, audio interface, midi control, variax integration, desktop patch editor. From the second i plugged it in my computer usb port everything worked as I expected to, the setup has been a breeze, and the routing made complete sense. The same afternoon I got it I've been able in just a few hours to setup both my live AND studio setup: main monitors, "boombox" monitors, record without latency the processed and the reamping tracks all without a single glitch, in a super smooth workflow that needed me to look at the manual no more than a couple of times. And more: I've been able to setup a patch with which I control all my live set, including a laptop with sequences, guitar patch switching with program changes, a processed microphone, and various snapshots..all neatly labelled for clarity to control everything with my feet, without a single hiccup or dropout in sound, and it all worked as expected!! The Helix has been an absolute joy to program, it has become the command center of my setup both in the studio and on stage, and it has exceeded all my expectations in terms of functionality and ease of use. I can carry it around in a backpack and it even sounds excellent.. Negative point? I wish the included USB stick were larger. I'll close this fanboy review saying that the Helix gave me the same feeling of amazement I got when I demoed the very first Pod in a shop in NYC almost 20 years ago, the same excitement that got me to write this review, something I actually never do. Looking forward for the plugin version, keep up the great job Line 6.
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