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  1. Not that far fetched. Here’s somebody with pretty much the same idea:
  2. I’ve not tried it myself but I believe you can connect a single-button footswitch and an expression pedal simultaneously with a TRS-to-two-TS cable. Since you are using the FS4/5 only for page left and right (presumably for changing footswitch modes), am thinking you can forego one of them as the page cycles back (I think).
  3. Thanks for the tip, man! I was fixated with scrolling through presets that I didn't realize switching banks will display the preset list (with the preset names) in that bank without the presets loading. I reconfigured my FS4/5 to Bank Down/Up and now it's working just the way I want it. I am a happy bunny! Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction!
  4. Interesting analogy on the laptop. The stomp definitely can stand on its own without the other peripherals, which I use mainly to avoid having to reach down to the unit when standing. One thing I haven’t figured out, though, was how to scroll through the presets without each of them loading immediately. Most mfx units with banks & presets allow you to get to the desired preset first and then confirm with a second tap. If I can’t recall where I had saved a preset, this will allow me to scroll through the list to find it without loading each preset along the way.
  5. Haven't seen a lot of pics of pedalboard setups with the HX Stomp so thought I'd share mine: Am controlling my stomp via 2 Dunlop DVP4 mini expression pedals (one for delay mix and the other for effects, like whammy) and the Morningstar MC6. The MC6 is set as follows: - Lower three buttons for Snapshots 1 to 3; - Top left button for tuner on/off; - Top centre button for footswitch mode, allowing me to scroll through the 4 modes - Top right button for tap tempo. I have two aux switches for the MC6 set to emulate FS4 and FS5, used for presets down and up. I have a 535Q mini wah at the start of the chain. Everything is powered by the Cioks DC7. Am thinking of rehousing everything on a Pedaltrain metro 24. The other thing I am think of is perhaps I would have been better off with the Helix....
  6. Was using two Dunlop tap tempo switches with my Boss MS3 a while ago. They are tiny and should work.
  7. Yes you can. That’s exactly what I was doing as described a few posts earlier. I used a 3.5mm to 2xTS cable to plug my iPad into the Return jacks on the HX Stomp. Just remember to set the Return as “Aux In” in the Global Settings.
  8. Sorry to hear your expression pedal didn't work. I'm afraid I don't have an answer. All I can think of is to test the unit with another effects unit to see if the problem lies with the expression pedal itself. I didn't have issues using the dunlop dvp4 as a single expression pedal, only when using 2 of them. Hope somebody else has an answer for you. Best of luck.
  9. Prelude: My unit was still on firmware 2.65 when I started using 2 DVP4 Minis as expression pedals. I couldn't figure out why both pedals kept registering as EXP2. I spent last weekend soldering and resoldering my TRS>2XTS cable but nothing worked until I stumbled upon the FS4 trick. Like an idiot I went and update my firmware to 2.7 and then the FS4 trick didn't work. Happy ending: I recalled reading on gearpage that there was another fix. Credit to gearpage member Disaster Area who suggested the following: Go to Global settings and select Footswitches Set FS3 Function to TogglEXP Exit from Global settings (eg click View) Tap FS3 until the display shows "EXP1 Active!" Go back to Global settings and reset FS3 back to whatever you had before. Mine was TAP/TUNER Voila! Back in business! My cable was a self made one using and old audio stereo cable. I am waiting the arrival of my morningstar mc6 to setup my pedalboard.
  10. Not sure about a complete list but i’m using the Dunlop DVP4 Mini Volume X to keep to a small footprint. As a single pedal I got it to work without a hitch. My problem came when adding a second pedal. Both pedals kept registering as EXP2, due to a bug Kilrahi mentioned. The temporary fix was to go into Global Settings and set FS4 to “All bypass”. If it is already in “All bypass”, scroll it to something else and back to “All bypass” again. That did the trick for me for now until the bug is fixed, hopefully in the next update.
  11. Just wanted to update that I’d gone and got myself a new cable and the situation has improved significantly. Must have had a faulty one earlier.
  12. Just wondering if anyone has used the return-in as an aux-in for an mp3 player. I connected my ipad with a 3.5mm stereo to two 1/4inch cable and found the volume of the tracks very low despite the ipad being at full volume. The only adjustment I gathered from the manual is to change the return type to 'aux in' in the global settings, unless there was something else I had missed. I get round this by lowering my preset's volume and raising the volume knob on the stomp. While this would work on my own presets, the factory presets will then be too loud. Wanted to know if this is normal before I spring for another cable to try again.
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