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  1. Thanks for the replies. Since we only have one sub it sits on the floor horizontal between the two L3t's and sounds great. If/when we get another sub, we will consider stacking as you have done. Right now, the L3t's are on sturdy tripod stands.
  2. Perhaps a silly question but .... would an L3t on a short pole stacked on top of a vertically standing L3s be questionably unstable? I would seem to me that an accidental knock from a stumbling person could easily topple that stack over?? What was intended to be placed on top of a vertical L3s using the pole mount?? I have a friend asking about it. It feels risky to me.
  3. I just wanted to mention that I do prefer the DT25 Head & Cab over the combo. However, I found the cab to be a laser to the audience. Not much pain off axis but if your right in front of it .... duck !~!~ So .... I put in a "beam blocker" and honestly, it has made a world of difference. Perhaps a bit "off topic" for this thread but I thought I would mention it anyways. Beautiful amps. At least the DT25 still seems to be in production.
  4. I am currently in email conversations with the president of a large Canadian music equipment retailer for a digital mixer. Long story short ... he said the M20d is now a discontinued product? Can anyone out there confirm that?
  5. FYI I have the D25 Head & Cab. It is plenty loud for what I need. I've never been able to use it full out. I also much prefer the H&C over the Combo. A nicer, tighter sound IMHO and ... it splits the weight up. For me, the D50 would be total over kill but I am not playing the type of music that needs that huge volume. Have 2 D25 cabs. Stacked or side by they sound great. It is a nice little rig. Totally happy with it. Might get another DT25 head to make it stereo at some point. When a nice deal comes along I'll scoop one. I will reiterate as I have said before, I took Space's recommendation to get an AVR and I have never had a problem anywhere. I run our whole band through it. A beautiful thing indeed.
  6. If you were using the amps preamp, and the L6, can you use the pod as fx, in the amp's loop? Or would you have to use 4CM method? In other words, if I were using the amp's preamp, I could free up space, on the pod, and use it only for fx. I tried this approach for a while. If my memory serves me well, (using the Line 6 digital Link) I believe you just switch to "Channel B" on the amp manually and you get the amp doing it's business with it's selected internal pre-amp etc., and the POD then becomes in essence strictly an efx pedal? I might be wrong but I think that's how it works? The POD's preamp and output mapping controls Channel A on the amp. Other's here will correct me if I am wrong. In the end I went back to using the POD entirely as a front end for the amp, just the way it is designed to work, I tried every single preamp in the POD and found something that works for my needs then added the specific efx I needed to various foot switches and that's entirely what I run with. The elusive search for the perfect tone is different for everybody. The amp does sound pretty darn good by itself. It is just about experimenting and finding what works for you. Reading back through your post, I do remember some threads in the past about the differential between using the POD's preamps vs using the Amp's preamps. Some say they sound the same, some say they sound different. You'll have to be your own judge on that. The Line 6 Digital Link from POD to DT technically makes the two the same but some say not. Check those threads out ... they are quite interesting. Personally I love my DT25. I think it is technically unique. I definitely prefer the head/cab over the combo.
  7. No other amp on the market (to my knowledge anyways) does what the DT's can do. They are exceptionally unique amps. I have the DT25 and a couple cabs with a HD500 and it sounds excellent. Like any amp you need to understand and experiment as to how to make it work for your needs. The DT's were designed to work digitally with the HD500. The DT power amp input is AFTER the Master volume control. I like my SV 212 as the power amp input still had the master volume involved so you have control. Not so with the DT's. However, in my case, I don't use the DT power amp input (which bypasses the DT preamps). I run the HD500 via line 6 link (digital) into the DT and control everything from the POD. Just the way it was designed to work. Even though you like your analog pre-amps, you may be pleasantly surprised using the HD500 digitally into the DT and see what you can come up with? As DarrellM5 mentioned, the output of the DT's can be configured in different ways. When using the HD500 the DT output configurations are defined by the specific Pre-amp models used (they can also be user configured). It is very interesting stuff but, as mentioned, there is a learning curve to wrap your head around it. If you still want to use your analog pre's then as well as the DT's you "might" also want to sniff at the SV's for their tube power output? Sadly, the SV's are now "legacy" the new fancy word for discontinued but .... can be found used for good prices. Whichever way you end up, it would be good to hear your outcome.
  8. On the subject of fuses .... in 2015 my DT25 went out. Turned out to be the line fuse (whew). In the process I decided to buy spare fuses. The tube protection fuse inside was tough to find. Here is my thread below of the fuse deal ... fyi ... Having gone through all this ..... and From My thread below .... The tube protection fuse is the tough one to find ... the line fuse is pretty much available at any guitar shop. The actual Tube Protection fuse I have in my DT25 (375mA/250V Slo Blo) is a LittelFuse 0313.375 Mouser Part # 576-0313.375MXP Manufacturer: LittelFuse Manufacturer Part Number: 0313.375MXP The Bussmann MDL 3/8 is an equivalent. Mouser Part Number: 504-MDL-3/8 Manufacturer: Eaton Manufacturer Part Number: BK/MDL-3/8
  9. One of my biggest fears in life is that when I die my wife will sell all my equipment for what I told her I paid for it .... !~!~!~!~
  10. I agree with Space. The DT amps are one of a kind and offer great tones once you get your head around what they are doing and how to manipulate them with or without the POD. It will be a sad day when they are discontinued. I am gently sniffing for a second DT25 head as a second while they are still around.
  11. Hey Moogary, I've bought a couple covers from D2F in the US and I like them. I went with another manufacturer in the US for a couple covers and didn't like them in comparison. However, that being said, there are lots of cover manufacturers out there, and as you know, our (CDN) dollar isn't doing that good against the US. When I was living in London, Ont., I also bought a Spider Amp cover from "CoverAmp" in Quebec ... expensive but awesome. It was like buying a leather coat. I got the "premium model" and man was it beautiful. I would definitely check them out. They have price options. My experience with them was very good. They do make covers for the DT Line including your DT50-212. I just checked. I would also have to think there are cover makers in Toronto and/or Ontario?
  12. geppert

    DT25 Kudos

    I've had my DT25 Head & 2 Cabs for a couple (maybe 3) years now. Recently however, due to our regular gig in a small pub venue and limited space in the van, I have been playing directly through the (Line 6) PA via the HD500. Sounds ok, no real complaints. Last Friday however, we had a gig at a larger venue and out came the DT25 ...... what a pleasant experience again. This amp is just beautiful. There is nothing else on the marketplace that does exactly what this amp does especially if you front end it with an HD500 with the L6 Link. I am totally satisfied to own this rig. I think I should start shopping for another head since I have the two cabs? It will be a sad day when they discontinue these amps. At least for now the DT25 is still available and on their website.
  13. Congrats Rocker. If you don't have an HD500 buy a dual foot switch pedal so you can 1) switch between channels, and 2) turn Rev off/on. Remember the Fender Preset is the quietest relative to all the others. I like it set clean on Channel 1 (Channel Vol up full) and then do a grunge on channel two with the volume relatively matched (by ear) to channel 1 maybe a bit louder (for solos). You will adjust the final volume on Channel 2 with the Channel Vol control and it will be a lot less than Channel 1. Then of course use the Master Vol for overall level. I also found that the "Gain" on the Fender amp setting does not grit up the sound all that much so you can use it at 1-2-3 o;clock to nudge a bit more overall volume out of the clean channel. Of course, depending on what style you play, you may not even need the Fender Clean preset? Let us know how you make out ....
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