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  1. I just did the update to 2.0 and I seem to not be able to set 8 Stomp switches for my patches, I went into global settings and I do not see that as an option ( all I see is 4 Stomp/4Snapshots ect). Did this functionality go away or did I totally miss it? Thanks
  2. I noticed this with mine at church, I ran 1/4" into a direct box and lifted the ground, then I made sure my master volume was at least at 50% and that seemed to take care of the issue.
  3. Ran my Helix for a couple of Sunday morning services, trying to track down where noise was coming from, finally shut off Phantom Power. Will this cause permanent damage? The noise seems to still be there even after Phantom was turned off.
  4. I am on the fence about selling my HD500, it is still a good unit, but the Helix is amazing. Anyone gig one without a backup? Thanks in advance.
  5. I run my Helix direct into the front of my Blackstar HT20 on the clean channel (I only use it for monitoring). I then run xlr into the PA for FOH, this setup seems to work fine for me. If I want feedback, I can step closer to the amp, it seems to react well.
  6. Thank you, I need to do more work with IRs.
  7. Works great, I tried it out this evening at practice. Thank you so much, I have been looking for this type of patch.
  8. Can't wait to try this out. Thank you.
  9. jshoenfelt

    Acoustic IRs

    I downloaded some acoustic IRs, thanks to members here. How are you using them with electrics? I had my HD500 set up with an acoustic simulator going into the effects return with a volume pedal so I could "mix" electric and acoustic with the expression pedal on the HD500 being a volume pedal also. I would like to replicate that setup minus the acoustic simulator pedal. Any ideas?
  10. Thank you, I will give them a shot.
  11. Anyone have any luck creating a patch that simulates an Acoustic?
  12. What is the size of that case? It looks like I could fit my helix and pedals in there perfectly.
  13. I have a Dell Tablet with an Atom Processor running full Windows 10 and the editor will not run on it. Test the Surface units first.
  14. Nope, I bought an open box Helix for $1349
  15. Did you upload this patch? I would love to try it out.
  16. Love it. Great job!
  17. jshoenfelt

    XLR Noise

    It was definately a phantom power issue, and apparently the output is much higher than my HD500, nice and quiet now. Thanks everyone for your help.
  18. jshoenfelt

    XLR Noise

    I am testing a Helix in my church and noticed a fair amount of noise in the xlr output. I am running the Helix on a UPS and I am not sure if this could be the cause. I am also told that if there is phantom power present, it could be the cause also. Any other ideas? Thanks.
  19. Thanks for your input, nice to hear from someone so close in PA. Where did you order it from?
  20. Thanks, it's nice to see that someone who went to the Helix from a HD500 is happy. I am very interested in ditching all my pedals, I play every Sunday in church and I am looking to simplify, having said that, I do love my pedals, I have a few Wamplers, but simple would be nice.
  21. I am running a POD HD500 with some pedals for my rig and I am thinking of upgrading to the Helix or saving some money and getting a 500x. Thoughts from anyone who has tried the Helix(I have to drive 100 miles to do so)?
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