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  1. I am using a Dell Inspiron 10ST2 to use the Helix editor and as long as I stick with Windows 8, it works great. If I try to go to Windows 10, it stops working.
  2. I hope they can even do a condensed version of this, that would be very helpful.
  3. It would be nice for Line 6 to offer this online. I know I would sign up for it.
  4. I bought a nice cable from ebay, it is heavy duty and seems well constructed. the cost was $23.99 shipped, I can send a link if anyone is interested.
  5. American HiFi, Flavor of the Weak?
  6. So I restored windows 8 pro onto the pc and all of a sudden the editor works. Must be a usb driver conflict with Windows 10..........thanks guys.
  7. Running Windows 10 Pro on a Dell Venue. There doesn't seem to be any logging to troubleshoot the issue.
  8. I still find it annoying that the Helix Editor will not support Atom based processors. I have a Dell Venue that would be awesome to run the editor, altho I am using another laptop to run it currently.
  9. How are you enjoying the Helix backpack?
  10. jshoenfelt


    Which Atlo speaker are you using?
  11. I would also like to see those patches if I could. I will send a PM.
  12. Accept Balls to the Wall! lol
  13. This is great. Love the tones.
  14. A firmware upgrade to 2.01 and resetting of the factory patches seems to have fixed the issue (it has not happened again since).
  15. This morning in Church, I was playing and my Helix was cutting out, it seems to be related to the continuous controller as I could get it to cutout with the pedal. It almost seems like it has a bad potentiometer (like what happens with a wah or volume pedal). I do not want to pull the unit apart to see, does anyone have an idea? Thanks in advance.
  16. I tried to do a firmware update from 1.7 to 2.1 using Line 6 Monkey tonight and it failed. Now my JTV69 will not turn on and the usb interface is blinking red on the JTV side and green on the usb side, the battery is fully charged and I am plugging a 1/4 inch cable in. Really wanted to use this over the weekend, but I think it's bricked, sad too, only had it for 6 days. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  17. Thanks everyone, I can't wait to get the variax cable to try it. I tried the JTV with a standard guitar cable and was surprised at how much I will have to change my Helix patches from my EVH guitar.
  18. I just got a new JTV69 from GC and I am waiting for my variax cable that they forget to give me........... My question is how much of a difference in sound is there from a standard 1/4" cable to the variax cable? Thanks everyone.
  19. I would love to see that patch, I just picked up a JTV69 over the weekend.
  20. Thanks for the post, can't wait to try them out.
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