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  1. You think windows can handle the audio4all to use the ux2 during music playing etc ?
  2. I opened a ticket and they said me "the ux2 is for DAO use, use your audio card for windows audio " LOL u_u
  3. doesn't solve my case :( i'm on usb 2.0 port since the begining
  4. There is a driver update in july 2013 but it doesn't solve the problem for win 8 damn :( Also there is this tips : http://line6.com/support/thread/148255?tstart=0 It worked with me for 2 hours and audio stops again >< ps : i can't answer to this guy
  5. Still no driver update in July .. I think i will go back to windows seven ;( And no answer from the support, i opened a ticket.
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