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  1. Pretty much what hurghanico said, plus the GE-7 is mono.
  2. To that, I can add: If a "coming soon" announcement doesn't actually get the update in four months, then I can do without.
  3. This is how I view it: -I program every patch to be balanced in volume/tone with each other, or at least with those appearing on the same song. (there are differences in volume if needed, of course). I run the digital out on the HD500 through a Motu 828mkII and Alesis M1 Active monitors. Then I test the patches on the monitor wedges I use live. They are very clean and don't add any noticeable coloring. -On stage I run the jack outputs to my wedges and the XLRs to the stagebox. -If I have to do some EQing, I do it on the wedges, and if the FOH guy needs to do some too, he's free to do it on the desk, so nothing each of us does will affect the other What all that means is: I like to just plug and play, and that's why I chose FRFR. My patches are thoroughly tested (most of them are already a year old), so I can be (almost) sure when something is not sounding right, it's not my fault. IF I found myself having to really struggle to get it sounding right on stage, due to radical changes in sound throughout different stages, I would use a stereo graphic EQ between the HD and the wedges, but still I would leave the FOH sound unaffected.
  4. Interesting... But, does that work on the HD family of pods? I haven't seen any hint of a variax w/l mode on the menus. Anyway, there's been some time since those posts at vettaville were published, and L6 does have a line of wireless products now. I'm not a huge fan of wireless, but if they ever make one for the JTVs that allows for both channels + control to be transmitted, they can count me in.
  5. Well, I'm not sure on which side I am... Let's see: I have an amber 700 with tremolo and a black JTV89. As soon as the JTVs came, I wanted one, but not being in any band at that moment I couldn't justify buying one (justifying to myself that is, I'm single :D) When I got this gig last year, I knew that was the right time to get a JTV and an HD500. Aesthetically, my favourite is the 59, but the 24 frets and the 5 position switch made me choose the 89. Also, that kind of neck is very comfortable to play for long hours. Well, so far so good, I must say I'm really pleased with my JTV, so, this year I was planning to get another as backup, and leave the 700 at home. First I considered another 89, then a 59, then the 89F came... And I thought "why not put mags on the 700?" I like the way it feels. I loved playing that guitar, it just felt right, from the beginning. There were issues, sonically, but in terms of playability, I've always loved it. It needs fretwork anyway, so, while it's at the luthier's, I'll have him put some bareknuckles on it. Of course, I'll post pictures and sound examples when the time comes. Back in the day, I also tried a friend's 500, and I didn't like the feel at all. It felt like a log. My friend didn't like it very much either. He sold it and got a trem 700.
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