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  1. I've just edited the title in the auto-wah idea, so it won't cause any more problems. Here's the new link Sorry for the inconvenience. Exclamation signs never again (on ideascale at least) ;-)
  2. Inerzia

    Helix FAQ

    If I remember correctly, I didn't see the vocoder on that v.1 effect list, am I right? Well, I know I may be one in a thousand but... I use it! In two songs, actually, and might use it more (one of the bands I work with is an electronic rock band) Oh yes, there are more pressing matters to attend, and I'm keeping my HD500 anyway, but it will be nice when it gets implemented (if it does)
  3. Yeah, mine too, in fact it was the first to change status. BTW... have you voted on it? Maybe I failed to explain it, but I think anybody can have an application for controlling parameters with the dynamics of their playing (or with an LFO)
  4. There's no need to use your feet to program, you can bend over and use your hands ;) Welcome to the forums!
  5. It's already been posted at Ideascale (by me, among others), suggesting that, given the bridge and the DSPs already in both the variaxes and the pods, they can be made to perform as guitar to midi converters. Maybe it's too much programming, too much repurposing. I would like to get rid of the ugly GK-3 pickups on my variaxes, but I suppose it's not gonna be this time, not yet.
  6. Inerzia

    Helix FAQ

    After having owned and used (the hell out of) Pod 1.x, Pod Pro, Pod XT Live and Pod HD500, I have yet to use my first factory preset. Seriously :D They've been useful to know the potential of the units though, and sometimes as a base to create my own presets from, but other than that... Anyway, I always take the initial tour and browse through them. None of them are exactly what I want, but many of them are inspiring
  7. Exactly my thoughts. It's not that true bypass and analog dry through are the kind of things that go unadverted after years of development. If it's not there at the moment, I don't see it happening. The rack version will have an analog dry through, won't it? maybe not, maybe it will pass through a/d and d/a converters anyway
  8. I've been asking for an auto wah since I got the HD500. The mutron model doesn't cut it for me, and I've missed the "plain but nice" auto wah on the XT Live. Why not, instead of a dedicated auto wah, create two kinds of modifiers for parameters? One, an LFO that can be tempo synced, and two, a touch/pick dynamics sensor, both assignable to any parameter that can be now controlled by the expression pedals. That would make customizable auto wahs and "auto" lots of things If you like the idea, vote on it!-for-Helix/727014-23508
  9. What about editing with your feet?
  10. I'm already saving for it (that means what I've actually done is rearranging my list) and will probably be an early adopter, as I did with the XTLive, 11 years ago. This time I'm buying EVERYTHING I wanted a POD to be, and much more, in a single piece of gear. Will I hit the DSP limit? Sure, eventually, but not as soon as with the HD500.That DSP limit didn't stop me from getting all kinds of good tones out of it, though... All those I/Os! I've been imagining all sorts of crazy routings since I saw them Soon we'll hopefully have demos by Sean Halley, Paul Hindmarsh, Joost Vergoossen, and other insiders... Then Glenn DeLaune... and the inevitable "Line6 Helix - Metal" by Ola Englund will follow :D
  11. Yesssssssss!!! Finally!!
  12. ...and I was saving for something else... :-P What is Helix? that image L6 just posted on their facebook page looks VERY interesting...
  13. Of course, Arislaf. My fault, I forgot to mention I was only referring to HD models :rolleyes: Thank you both
  14. The title is pretty clear, I guess, but just in case: Do the new amps in the model packs receive the same treatment as the Soldano model?
  15. I wouldn't say most pros use preset sounds. I don't, not even modified ones.
  16. Personally, I would prefer StageSource floor monitors for my HD, something small, with just one cone, like the L2, or a bit bigger stereo box. DT amps are amazing, but I really need the ability to run FRFR.
  17. Choosing the impulse! :D Are you familiar with Red Wire and their BigBox library of IRs? It's huge, and it takes time to choose
  18. In case you take that approach again in future products, I'd prefer to buy the "XL version", the one that would have enough DSP power to handle everything I, or any user could come up with (up to the limit of available slots), and pay the fair price for it. Double? OK, but no more DSP limit. If DSP power were my only concern, I would have moved to some other solutions (i.e.: fractal), but then I wouldn't have a VDI input, would I? About new features... well, I get amazing tones out of my HD500 as is, but I miss the autowah in the XT line (the mu tron varieties don't cut it for me), I also miss the Mark IIC clean and crunch and, most important of all, the ability to use cab sims without any amp/preamp sim, so that I can use the unit with my TriAxis (or any other preamp I may have) and go straight to my powered monitors and the P.A.. BTW: I like the cab sims on the HD. A lot. I can get superb tones using IRs, yes, but it takes ages compared to the cab sims on the HD. After fifteen years of using their products, there are many reasons I see myself sticking with L6 for a while longer. I can't agree with everything they do, or every decision they make, but, in general, I tend to understand what they do, and they tend to satisfy my needs. For me, the big seller is integration. The dream rig is a fabulous concept.
  19. That part is pretty straightforward. You just need to run a midi cable from the HD's midi output to the GR's midi input, and select the same midi channel on both units. It just happens. Programming both units so that the HD switches voices and/or effects, and does continuous control on the GR in real time is just a few steps away. I recommend you to use the third party GR editor that's available HERE The GP-10 only has one thing that I wish the GR had, and that is the guitar input. Other than that, it's a reduced version of the GR.
  20. In my experience, there is not only a difference in volume, but also in character and timbre, as if some strings were from a different guitar (on some models, and not always the same strings) I recently tried again to make it work (in fact I just rolled back to 1.9 this tuesday) because I like some of the new models better, and all of them are more responsive, but, even having compensated all the volumes (between strings and also between models) to my taste, I still prefered the non HD hollowbodies and semis, and I use them a lot. The 2nd and 4th positions on the strat would have been nice (although I still prefer the non-HD versions) if I hadn't encountered those differences in character that I just mentioned. I think L6 should solve that, but I'm not keeping my hopes up. It's just sad to see how this long awaited HD stuff came out half cooked. The ideas are good, as always, and there's a significant amount of nice work put into it, but... Anyway, I paid for something, I got that something and it still works as it first did. Even better, because there are some updates I could use.
  21. The string volumes are all over the place. Again. It's not my job to level them. Back to 1.9 we go. Again. Don't worry, I won't be spoiling your fun. I now know what to expect in the future. Lesson learned.
  22. You can't just move wires to get that result, sorry, there's more to it. You'd have to change the selector, or at least a part of it. The inside of the selector can be seen here. The splits are hardwired, I mean, the contacts that allow the splits are printed on the selector. If you know a bit of guitar electronics you'll get why.
  23. Quizá te interese ver este hilo que empecé hace un par de meses. También quiero hacerle algo de obra a mi JTV, y necesitaba ver cómo era el selector de pastillas por dentro, para saber si podía añadir una pastilla de medios y unos Triple Shots de Duncan. Hay fotos del interior de dos modelos de selector, el de una JTV89 y el de una 69 (creo)
  24. What diagrams are you talking about? These?
  25. It's ok, when I'm inspired again and have the time, I'll re-do it. Anyway, it was only meant to be an objective measure (provided a significant number of votes was cast) of the latest and very polemic JTV fw, not a re-issue of all that has been said for months now. In a few days, I guess, I'll delete this topic and start the poll again.
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