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  1. The update process sucks, and.. if we're talking about things that suck, that's it for me. If we talk about things I think sucks they haven't been included... I miss some models from the HD (Vocoder, Dimension chorus, Pattern tremolo, Jet Fuzz and some other L6 models), M series (filters and synths) and XT series (Synth stuff and autowah). By now, for some of those applications, I've found other models that work for me, but there's nothing that sounds quite like the Growler, for example, and you just can't replace the pattern tremolo with anything, or the vocoder. Anyway, those are things that I was using on the HD and previous generations, and I understand that some filters, synths and such things (specially the vocoder) are niche stuff, not what most people use. I don't like the rotary speaker models on the Helix. I own an Eventide H9 max (which I'm using with the Helix) and a Korg G4. Both sound great to me as rotary speaker sims. I also own a real leslie, an 825. I don't know, I just don't like how the rotary models on the Helix sound. Even with the cab sims or IRs off, it's as if they don't come across, they get lost. I'm not crazy about most of the reverbs and delays, and by that, I mean I like others better, like the ones in the H9 (of course, it's a 400$ pedal doing just one effect) and some Lexicon plugins and rack units I've been using... well, duh... both brands are known to specialize in space/time effects... but I've been using the reverbs, delays (and everything but the rotaries) on the Helix since day one, and I still have to feel I'm missing something. There's a lot of stuff I'd like to see one day on the Helix. Some of it will make it, some won't. Meanwhile, color me 90% happy.
  2. Underrated or not, the cleans from the Archon and the Soldano sound really good to me.
  3. Good to know, thanks. I've had the screen go blank on me twice (well, black actually), and I'm really hoping it's a 2.20 bug instead of a hardware failure BTW, maybe someone will remember this issue I (and some others) had: Every previous update I can remember resulted in the loss of some of my presets. For some reason, either paths 1&2 or paths 3&4 were lost. When I tried to restore my saved patches (banks, lists or individual), those patches never came back complete. Well, I read in some of DI's posts that presets using IR slots 127 and/or 128 didn't save correctly. The bug is gone... Thanks ;-)
  4. Nothing ...I mean... there are options, but nothing sounds like the Dimension. I loved it on both modeling generations (might have been almost the same code, for all I know), the XT/X3 and the HD, and I wish they will add it to Helix some time, because it still is my favorite.
  5. I don't think that was the main point in this thread, but the need to tame some frequencies when using headphones. It's not about sounding like some specific piece of gear (or signal chain), it's about recreating the sensation of air moving between the speaker and your ears, a sensation that gets inmediately lost when you use (or try to, as I did some time ago) headphones.
  6. First thing that crossed my mind. One day I'll have one (not necessarily to record guitars with) but, in the meantime, I'd love to hear what this puppy has to say about high gain guitars.
  7. If I have to pick one that I think is underrated is the Epic. I don't think L6 own models get as much love as "brand" models, do they? Who uses the Epic? I use it a lot!
  8. I use it! In a dual amp configuration, along with... was it the Ãœber? Well, you just answered yourself, kind of... Those two amps came along in different updates, they were not included in v1 firmware. See where I'm heading to? I want more models, because there's always the possibility I will discover a new favorite. I didn't care for the new Badonk when I tried it, but others have found it great. I will try it again, because I try them all, periodically, just to be sure that I'm not missing out on anything that will suit any of my different needs, not because I force myself to use them or like them all. On the other hand, I've used Litigator from day one, and I absolutely love it! Thanks for adding more, interesting models, L6
  9. Mark, you're looking for the user names in the wrong place. Iknowathingortwo is just a forum "ranking" of sorts. User names are on that gray bar in between posts, see it?
  10. Same here, I'm very happy with the new stuff. Everything is usable for me. Those new synths are gonna get used very soon. I put the 3 band comp on my go-to bass preset and it was like magic! I guess it defaults to some standard bass setup, or it was just a happy accident. Having been using IRs since day one (with one or two exceptions) I wanted to try the new cabs anyway. They're very good. I still prefer IRs though, specially for guitar. Thanks again, L6, keep goin'!
  11. Hahaha, takes a while to set up, really, about 30 minutes. All pedals and their cables fit in two Thomann pedalbags, I have a flightcase for the two wedges, mic and guitar stands, but I'm not using it at the moment, because we're not really touring. I had it made in 2013 and it's been serving me well, but now, moving my stuff in my own car, carefully doing it myself, the flightcase is more a hassle than an advantage, so, those two travel "unprotected" . The Helix rack would have been better for me if I wanted to use it with guitar cabs, but this way, everything is in front of me, where my ears and eyes prefer it. Another reason why I have it all in front is, well, I really use most of those controls live. The expression and CTL pedals on the GR, all three expression pedals and almost every switch on the Helix, and the expression pedal and extra Boss FS-5U for the H9. I considered ordering a custom, unfoldable FC where I would put everything but the Helix, but even in that case, I would probably still want everything in front of me. I could try to make do with Helix midi control capabilities (it's just changing patches on the other stuff ATM) but, for now, I prefer it that way, it saves me a LITTLE programming time.
  12. Yay!, we define what we do as electronic rock, so I reckon all weird fx and textures are welcome, as long as it's not just for the show, but for musical purposes, if you know what I mean. Before I got the Helix, I was using the GR into the loop return of the HD500, and very happy about it, but Helix has been a great step forward. I miss some of the old fx in the HD (specially the vocoder and the growler) and the stuff in the XT series FX Junkie pack.
  13. Here's mine, taken before last night's gig
  14. Just sell it... you're obviously not satisfied. Those things you hear and feel are gonna stay, they're gonna keep bugging you until you finally get rid of the Helix, which, you know you will. I doubt you're gonna keep it just for the vibe and some whas, when you feel it falls short on more important things like delays and reverbs. Save yourself some time, sell it and make someone else happy (or not). There are excellent products out there, so why should you stick with something that doesn't feel right to you?. Seriously. Why am I telling you this? I'm not really bothered by your comments, I just feel bad about you. I love my Helix and I want the same for you. Use what you love. That and... I've been where you are with other pieces of gear.
  15. Same here, only I've lost my patches three times already. I think I won't lose any patch this time because L6 has already found a bug which may have been the culprit. As it turns out, patches containing IRs 127 and 128, were not exported correctly, so when you tried to import them again they were corrupt. All the patches I was losing time and time again contained those two (two IRs I loaded at the end of the list that ended up being used a lot) so I guess I'm safe. ANYWAY, I won't risk it, just in case.
  16. yes, before the fuzz, it's supposed to "debuffer" your signal. Notice the quotation marks... that's not tech talk at all :D
  17. I asked a similar thing a while ago, and somebody recommended a Radial Dragster, but I didn't try it. It's 50$ for a pot in a box so... I figured it would be more convenient to just use the models inside the Helix, which are pretty decent. My favorite fuzz is the FZ-2 (which works just fine wherever you put it) and now that's in the Helix too, as the Wrangler, so I dropped it.
  18. Maybe it's one of those pedals that don't tolerate buffered signals in front of them. Three out of four of my fuzzes are that way, and as I understand, that's a very common trait.
  19. So you will (or did already) return the Helix, yes? Care to share what you think about it, in general? Thanks
  20. Get offended by the existence of this thread... or don't. It seems that, after 4 pages of some interesting and some very interesting points made, it must have generated some interest. Anyway, you're welcome to say whatever you want, of course, even if it's just to tell the rest of us to drop it. Not that I will.
  21. I have yet to hear the first preamp that sounds decent through headphones, but that's me. I think I need the air moving between the sound source and my ears, and adding a bit of room reverb doesn't do the trick. I'm guessing the 4CM trial will give you a much more useful impression of what Helix actually sounds like. (most) Reverbs and delays are not on par with the amps, but still perfectly workable.
  22. I bet you'll like it. You come from a very powerful machine that sounds awesome, to another very powerful machine that sounds awesome, and that's that. There are differences, many, but being that both are good at what matters the most, the sound, the rest is just a matter of what features are more important for you. The new HX cab models are good, really good indeed, but, coming from the Axe, I suggest you try some IRs, which are more similar to Fractal's approach. HX cabs are much more DSP efficient, though. Good to have the choice.
  23. If you're implying that Yamaha had something to do with Helix... well it seems they didn't. As far as popular knowledge goes, Helix was almost ready before Yamaha acquired L6, and well underway before the acquisition was even thought of. So, according to the example you gave, Helix would still be "100% Behringer" :P
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